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In the blink of an eye

Well, well, well.  It’s been snowing up here off and on since Friday.  Not much sticks but it’s SNOW.  It’s been downright nasty a couple of days.  We went fishing Sunday.  It was soooo cold!  We were bundled up well enough, but our hands were freezing.  We (mostly Gruper) certainly caught some fish and had many bites–our reflexes were slow in the bundling and it was hard to set the hook properly–but we lasted only a couple of hours.  I managed to get some nice photos, though.  I love this one of the narrows–it looks like you can’t get out:

Here are just a couple of shoreline pics:

Here’s a shot of Camp from the lake.  You can see the pretty new roof on Cabin 3!

I’ve been busying myself with the business of heading south.  There’s a lot to do, even after 9 years of practice.  I like to leave some homemade food for Gruper ’cause he misses my cooking, so I’ve put a lasagne (venison) and a meatsloaf (bison and pork) in the freezer for him.  I’ll also make a pot of chili and bake some cookies before I go.  There are a million other little time-consumers that need to be in order as well.

Eldon must have worked up an appetite after his dating experience.  We saw him swimming toward the shore of Cabin 5:

He then hopped onto shore with a whitefish(?) in his talons and began ripping it apart:

I hope he treated his date better.

Rachel sent me some lovely photos from her fall visit (yes, she was here twice this year!).  I’ll start with a couple of great reflections:

She got a variety of sunsets as well:

I thought this looked like a beachy sunset (wishful thinking?).

I fogot to mention that Gruper and I have gone grouse hunting a couple more times.  I accompliced the murder of three in one day.  Again, the guilt is awful but he’d go and kill them without me.  I tell myself that I’m going along to take photos.  Here’s a large animal print (surrounded by small animal prints),

some great wolf poop on a rock:

and some pretty moss

I ran across a nice photo of Eldon from our Arkansas contingent:

He has a fish in his talons!  I wonder if he’d just had a date?  Here’s a pic of our Arkansas gang:

The man in the red shirt is not to be trusted–not ever;)

It’s time for a break.  I’ll close this entry with a cool foggy morn photo from my camera.  I have a special edition entry still planned for today or tomorrow–a little tribute to our four-legged friends.

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