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In the Blink of an Eye

One day the leaves are green and full of life, grasshoppers still chirping and hopping away, and just like that, the next day we see some yellow and orange on some leaves, the wind blowing others off trees, and we're seeing some Canadian geese start to make their journey South. Summer flies by, seemingly, in the blink of an eye. And guests agree that their week up here seems to go by in the blink of an eye. Some guests look back over their 31 trips to Tall Pines (give or take a few based on your own experiences) and feel like that's gone by in the blink of an eye. We feel young one year, and our bodies gradually take more time to get in and out of that boat each trip up. When did that happen? Your week up here is when you want to hit the pause button on time, yet it just doesn't work that way. All we can do is appreciate and live in these moments, adjust to a slower pace on the water with the pine trees as your backdrop, and maybe get a few pics/videos to reminisce about later.

In just a few blinks, Tony was back up for his third trip of the season! This time he brought back parents Linda and Jack and they had a relaxing yet productive time catching hundreds of fish over the week:

Fishing has been solid these last few weeks, and fishermen are adjusting to the continued low water levels on the Wabaskang. Water temps are back in the 60's with some cooler nights.

Trent and Dad Brett, sure hit the water hard while they were here- and boy did it pay off! Check out these quality fish:

This father son caught just about every species from walleye, to whitefish, crappie, perch, smallmouth, to some big pike:

and even hooked that elusive lake trout on their last day to complete their checklist:

though hooking his hand wasn't in Brett's plan, a beer helped him push on:

Jim and Chris caught and released some incredible looking walleye and smallies:

While Jim's Dad, Mark, was not to be outdone with his 26+ walleye beauties:

He and wife Cindy trooped it out and have broadened our definition of being prepared with rain gear on the boat:

Sue, another teacher wrapping up summer vacation, got into some great fish with her husband including this walleye:

Nick got into some sweet smallies, as well as some northerns and walleye:

Gotta love it when Dad (Jim) photo bombs your walleye selfie:

Duane and Jan, Tall Pines fixtures, were back for three weeks in their RV and kept quite busy. If anyone could be found in a tank top and shorts regardless of the temps, it'd be Duane. He was on the leaderboard 2 weeks and always came back to the docks happy; Here's his 38" northern and 24" walleye:

Though Paul is the only one sporting a red hat in this year's group photo, the Red Hat Gang was back for more shenanigans. Love this year's shirt design that Jim's wife came up with, and you can see how genuinely happy these guys are together (though they'll never admit it)

Leaderboard Update time:

Blueberry picking has continued, though we're at the tail end of it now. They started small in mid-July, but got pretty plump into end of August. Thanks to all my ladies, and the guys here and there that ventured out with me this season:

There's been some otters and fox spottings recently at camp, but you gotta chuckle when the grouse are literally blocking you in the middle of the road and they don't budge- grouse hunter's heaven in a few weeks, but til then it's almost as if they're taunting us, knowing they are safe:

Potluck has continued and for the first time all season, the weather didn't cooperate for an outdoor one; fortunately the Bear's Den wasn't rented that week so we had en enjoyable evening indoors together:

And then last week, we had great potluck weather again for grilling burgers, dogs, and a campfire:

The local WhiskeyJack Restaurant and Tavern keeps stepping up their game, and a recent live music night featuring Sean Burns and Lost Country were a special treat:

Tim and the Red Hat Gang don't take many fish pics, but they sure have fun on and off the water, and shared this one of our resident eagle saying goodnight amongst the pinkish sunset:

And Jim, Mary, and Nick captured this beautiful picture on one of their last evenings here:

and ,finally, another "campfire chat with Ryan" moment:

Once again, thanks to all our incredible guests- we feel so lucky to be surrounded by such positive and appreciative folks, and we're thrilled that so many of you are re-booking for next year already. We're excited for our fall fisherman to join us for the homestretch month, but I just can't get over how quickly this season seems to be going...I don't want to blink.

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Howard Liskey
Howard Liskey
Aug 30, 2023

Waiting on trip two. 😀

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