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It’s Been A Beary Exciting Week!

Check this out:  I’m blogging and it’s been fewer than seven days since my last post!  That’s because there’s been some excitement around here and we want to share it.

First, though, a fishing report.  Fall fishing is ON!  Everyone in Camp is finding fish:)  2nd and 3rd Lakes are both producing well.  We have several newcomers and they’re doing great.  Leon and Mary came for perch and by gosh they’re finding jumbos!  Mike’s group in Cabin 3 brought in a bunch of nice eater walleye their first day on the Lake!  They were going northern hunting today–no report yet.  All of our oldtimers are doing fine.  They seem to know where to find what they’re looking for.  Ron said he tossed back about 20 walleye yesterday afternoon but brought in a couple of nice eater northerns for Karna to pickle.  Walleye have moved out a bit:  16-23′ seems to be their latest hangout.

Oh, Gruper and I went fishing Friday morning for a short bit.  We wanted to try a few fall spots ourselves.  We did quite well in little time.  My hubby caught first, biggest, and most; however, we both did quite well.  I won variety ’cause I did catch one small bass.  Everything else we saw was walleye.  I used minnows; Steve used leeches.  We switched up to 1/4 oz. jigs due to depth and wind.  Our magic depth of the day was 19′.  I used a yellow/orangish combo.  Steve stuck with his grape/yellow.

This came out of someone’s live well (aka dead well).  We’ll call it The Last Supper.

Steve’s bear baits continued to see action throughout last week.  We were excited for our hunters.  Here’s a woodpecker and some other “little” pests:

Not all the visitors were so small:

Wow.  Those are some bears!  Our first hunters arrived on Friday.  Another arrived on Saturday.  Kraig began hunting Saturday afternoon and wheeled in just a few hours later with his trophy!  He was super excited because this year he took it with a bow:)  We were ALL very pumped!  Here are a few photos.

WARNING:  Some of these photos contain graphic content and are not suitable for all audiences!!!

They’d no sooner finished skinning Kraig’s bear Saturday morning when Bob pulled in with his trophy!  Here are some photos of his bear.  Again, these photos are a bit graphic.

The guy helping them with the bears is Wooge.  He looks harmless enough:

Take a closer look.  Stranger danger…

that's a saw...and he knows how to use it

Special note to Mr. Horak:  I LOVED your essay.  Now you understand why I didn’t reply in more length.  Between berries and bears…and besides, we’ll see you very shortly:)

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