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Last Fall’s Moose Camp

Last fall we had an invitation to visit an outpost moose camp.  It was–literally–in the middle of nowhere!  We drove and drove out in the middle of the bush.  We came upon a beautiful spot where we got out and explored. 

I liked this rock.

There it is again from an old iron bridge.

I loved this two-toned rock as well.

A lone daisy among rocks...

I'm still crazy for reflections.

So what was Gruper up to while I photographed?

What else?

Catchin' and releasin'.

Moose camp was ROUGH.  Those guys aren’t kidding around.  The worst part for them was that it was unseasonably hot and the moose weren’t moving during the day, so the guys just had to hang around, play cards and wait for evening.

The insides of their tent

Their view was awesome!

Tune in soon.  I’ll have some great eagle photos.

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