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No Name

Initially drawing a blank on what to title this blog, it's only fitting that I named it "No Name". For those that are used to our lake maps, there's one body of water in the Wabaskang that isn't labeled. It's not that it's not important to the system (afterall it is a thoroughfare into Ruby, Keynote, Aerobus, and North Bay), but we've just never heard or seen it named, so we just refer to it as No Name. Some guests ask why we don't give it a name, and yet there may be others that live on the lake and do have a name for it. Many of you have come up with your own names for areas, spots, and islands such as "Grandpas Rock", "Perch Point", "Picnic Table Point", "Mean Lake" ,"Pellows Point", even one we've overheard called "Poop Island"; while they may only be special to you, they are significant for a reason, and a great landmark to remember when you return. Sometimes, No Name really is a name.

More fishing action these last 2 weeks!

Charlie seemed like just a little kid back in '19 the last time he was up. Not anymore- He showed his triplet siblings how its done with this ginormous 19.5" smallie:

And Grant, used to driving tractors and trucks, is a natural at boat control, setting up his own gear, and got into some nice smallies:

Jake was a continuation of the last blog's Clark Griswald theme. He captained more than fished, and wanted to make sure his wife and kids had a good time off the water too. They even let us sneak in for their family photo:

Bruce caught some real nice fish, and so it is no wonder that he was sad to leave:

a thick 35" pike and 18" smallie were among some of those he caught and released

In addition to being the bean bag reigning champion for the week, he also caught some dandy walleye:

Joe and family were all about catching pike this year! They were not disappointed, and Madelyn even filleted her own pike:

The fam got to break in their new boat and create some fun memories all together before Matthew heads off to college:

Jeff found out where the perch were hanging out and his boys had a ball catching and playing with them:

This pic depicts when Bentley was ready to go back out on the boat before everyone else was ready. Mom, Jen, told us how he would sleep in his outfit he'd wear the next day so he could be ready to go when he woke up!

And one hot day, they all decided to take a break from fishing and conquered tubing:

Grandma helped Brayton as he wanted a pic of one of many fish caught, as he was the leader of the kids category with a 22 incher walleye:

Dirk and Bob had been doing Boundary Waters fishing trips for many years, and were ready to try something different, and maybe a little less physically intense. Dirk was able to reminisce about his Dad fishing Canada and brought some of his Dad's tackle and his red reel up here- he was able to catch some fish with it, thinking "This one's for you Dad". And a great pike catch Dirk:

Rod and Gina enjoyed their first time up to Tall Pines and found some nice fish while here:

Bob and Cathy were a joy to have at camp. Bob was an excellent leader whom I had the honor of working with for many years at the highschool! He was one of my biggest supporters in the programs I led, fought for what was best for students, and has the biggest heart. It would have been very hard to leave had he still been in leadership- and I just wish there were more like him in the educational leadership roles these days. And it was neat we could both celebrate living the "retired life" and have some good laughs from the good ole days. Bob used to come up to Canada with his Dad, and aims to return with his children at some point to keep the tradition going. He's also quite the angler, catching a nice 24" walleye among numerous keepers:

Week 12 brought the first windy weather for Potluck, but it didn't stop anyone from having a good time:

Leader board updates:

Earl decided he wanted a change of pace from his pic of the week feature, so he decided to pick a video of the week, and it just so happened that Joe had just shared this blooper moment. He calls it"The Smallmouth the Got Away":

Holy cow have we had some incredible sunsets lately- from the reflection of still waters to the reds, to the rays shining through the clouds,

Well the nights are starting to come sooner, and provide restful sleeping weather, and the fall bite is beginning. Dealing with some low waters for sure; excited to see what the next few weeks bring for our fishermen. Our new Facebook page now has over 200 followers lol, so life is looking pretty good and we hope it is for you as well. Til next time...

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