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Now That’s More Like It!

Welcome back.

Things are certainly looking up around here!  The weather has been nearly perfect:  80ish and breezy by day, low 70’s at night.  We still really need some rain, though.  The burn bans continue and will until we get a good downpour. 

Fishing last week was very, very good!  Dale’s clan from Indiana returned for their second year.  Their results this year were much, much improved over last.  They spent a lot of time in 5th Lake.  A couple of days were too windy for 5th, so they found some fish around Johnson’s Island and in the narrows leading to 3rd Lake.  They were using minnows.  Seems like 14-20′ is the depth for walleye right now.  They also caught some just right northerns.

David was here last month with the guys and returned last week with his wife.  They, too, had very good fishing!  They had walleye to eat when they wanted, caught many small northerns AND Nora released a 25″ walleye on Friday!  We like weeks that end like that–almost guarantees a return visit;)  They promise to get me a photo soon (hint, hint).

Speaking of photos, Bill and Steve were new to us.  They brought Bill’s two sons and had a ball.  Between them, we added six new photos to the Conservation Awards page (  three bass and three northerns.  These guys also found eater walleyes and released a 22″er (I have the photo somewhere but can’t find it right now).  I’ll put it in next week’s entry.  They were using worms and just seemed to know what to do. 

Our other guests had a good time and caught some fish.  Our other Dale’s family enjoyed some r & r and the kids enjoyed the pedal boats.  Dale caught some nice perch right off their dock!  Jim caught one of the pet northerns, but Gruper saved the day and got it back in the lake!  We had a great potluck, with everyone in attendance.  Overall, we had a super nice group of people in Camp last week.

This week’s folks are pretty cool, too!  We have a pair of brothers and their sons who have been doing incredibly well on walleye.  We have several repeat offenders who are off to a good start.  We’re pretty warm today and a bit windy.  We were REALLY windy yesterday, to the point where some folks didn’t venture far from home.

Before we get on to another photo fest, I have sad news and happy news.  Bill Leopold, a fine gentleman who fished Wabaskang for many, many years, passed away last week.  Bill was a retired Marine, a devoted family man, and a good friend of Tall Pines Camp.  He shared my love of ice cream.  He will rest in peace and forever be present in the fine sons he raised.  God bless you all.

On a happy note–and to assure us that new life comes at good times–Bentley Andrew Smith was born to Rachel and Kurt this week!  He will most assuredly be an avid angler.  His grandparents, John and Nita, have been blessed with their first two grandbabies within a year of each other!  Let the spoiling begin!  Congratulations, Rachel.  Please send me a photo soon (and thank you for the sympathy card for My Girl).

I have a plethora of pictures to share with you!  Some of them are incredible.  Where to start…

Mark and Sandy were here much earlier in the season.  The trip was a birthday present to Sandy from Mark.  I loved her scenery photos:

I’ve always said I love seeing things through my guests’ eyes.  Her appreciation of the sky, water, and sunsets reminds me of what we have here.  Sandy also caught some wildlife photos. Here are loon eggs and a moose:

Oh, and they found an unbelievable amount of perch during their stay:

Sandy promises to return.  She went home and created a souvenir for her garden:

Next up: Dave and Sharon’s family visited a few weeks ago.  Fishing was tough for them but they still had a wonderful time!  Lindsey enjoyed catching the minnows in the bucket!  Here she is sound asleep at the end of a long day with her “catch” on her lap:

Her brother Hunter was into bigger fish:

All of the kids that week had a good time together:

Sharon got a couple of really good loon pics.  I LOVE this one–don’t think I’ve ever seen this caught on film before:

Jess, Joel and Rhett were here a few weeks back.  Rhett released a nice smallie that I posted right away on the website.  However, I’ve been sitting with a few more photos.  Here are Rhett and Joel with a nice northern:

and Rhett with a good northern and perch (doesn’t do the perch justice next to that northern, though)

This merganser shot is hilarious!

Jess, too, caught some good sunsets:

Reggie enjoyed the trip as much as his family:

I shared most of Debbie’s photos last week.  However, I saved many of her sunsets–they had good ones each evening.  I’ll close with them today and meet you here next week.

Last but not least, her buddy Bruce:

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