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Startin Fresh

The Facebook access issue never got resolved so we have decided to just start fresh and start over. For those of you who follow us on Facebook for updates, pics, and to see when new blogs go live,

please now like and follow our new Facebook page by clicking here (It is Tall Pines Camp, Perrault Falls Ontario is the new one; the Tall Pines Camp Wabaskang Lake one is now defunct)

And a fresh new season is something we've all been anticipating for a while now. Opener week was some incredible fishing, and I know you probably think I say that all the time now, but I really mean it. If you don't believe me, take a look at these:

Steve and Wayne found pike after pike like these:

and on a warmer day got into smallmouth:

Tom landed this gorgeous northern:

Frank, Chris, Tom, Kathy, Paul, and Brent had a ball on the water and enjoyed visiting and playing games in the evenings as well as heckling Ryan:

Usually you figure there's gonna be one or two days that are slow on action, but not week 1. While water temps began in the upper 40's, temps warmed up to low 6o's in some parts by the end of the week.

Tall Pines long time guests with Jim Boots hadn't been up since 2019, and understandably were so eager to be back. Not sure if the sparkle in their eyes was the glare from the sun/water or maybe a tear, an involuntary reaction for the joy of being reunited with this place. They took advantage of fishing 12 hour days pretty much every day and were rewarded with plenty of good size walleyes and giant pikes.

The Boots group sent in so many pics - you get a sense for the fun time they had...

Brian and son Dustin also had a blast; from numbers to a 42" pike, they had a blast on the water:

While our lake definitely needs rain, guests took advantage of the pleasant evening weather sitting on their decks, grilling out, doing fish fries. Opening night was a spectacular northern light display:

And taking in shore lunch, hanging around the fish house, and surprise nature moments I literally just watched a fox strut next to cabin 2 as I write this) are of course part of the Canadian experience...

By the end of week 1, weather was in 80's and stayed that way much of week 2. 85 degrees welcomed week 2. Even though week 2 wasn't our opener week, in a way it felt like it. Earl said it looked like a line for an amusement park as vehicles and boats lined up at the gate to get in- we literally finished cleaning the last cabin right as Ryan opened er up and it has been nonstop from then on.

Brian and Elaine had an enjoyable two week stay- they got into countless fish and Elaine landed a 29.34" walleye, unfortunately the camera wasn't working that day. Brian and she then landed a 26" walleye later in the week. They also enjoy driving through the area- seemed every time they were headed to Ear Falls we had them dropping off or picking up something for us :)

Eric has been a Tall Pines regular for years, but this year brought his wife Crystal to see what it's about. She's a natural:

"Scrapdaddy" Mark, Mark, Shawn, Eric, Levi, Greg, and Randy caught onto the Wabaskang bite in no time and gave us some good laughs during their vacation:

The first potluck of the year was tremendous; Chris brought down his Ooni and made pizzas from scratch while others played some bags, visited, and took in another stellar sunset. Bear's Den crew even created their own shirts to commemorate the trip:

With so many fathers/sons here these first two weeks, and a few couples/buddies sprinkled in there, the bonding was self-evident. One son, Andrew, a Canada newbie, surprised us with this gift he painted on a piece of cardboard while watching the guys fillet his fish:

As an observer commented, Andrew's artistry captures the essence of Tall Pines.

and here's another snapshot depicting the essence of the Tall Pines experience. These are priceless moments. Thanks to all those making it happen.

This one's gonna have to be continued. Still pics coming in and running out of time. It's been so hot week 2 and into welcoming week 3 guests today. The weather's been hot and so has the fishing. The sun was relentless, but anglers endured blistered lips and sunburned hands from casting to catch those fish. Water temps are already in low 70's with guests caught last night jumping in the lake to cool off. Fish are still shallow; they are where they are supposed to be. Live bait and plastics are working extremely well. Thanks so much to everyone and to be continued....

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