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Summer, Summer, Summertime

Time to sit back in the boat and unwind.

Lots of activities on the water, but also on the docks; this one was taken yesterday, as kids were antsy to get fishing after enduring long road trips to get here, and parents trying to get everything settled into boats:

Lori and Gordon were initiated into the Wabaskang club with lots of big pike and smallies:

Hayden has grown so much since he was here in '19 and this time Mom and brother joined him and Dad for a true family fishing vacation. From the heat to the cold to the rain to the wind, they fished in all of it:

Jim #1 and Jim #2 fared well with catching multiple species. They also do quite well in the kitchen, creating some delicous meals and desserts:

Among limiting out on walleye, Jane found this smallie:

And Ryan and I got some fishing time in last week, him landing this 27" walleye beauty:

Tony and Jamie brought their little guy J.D. up on a last minute trip and were a joy to watch:

An update on the season leaderboard through July 8th:

And the July 8-15th week leaders:

Week 7's social/potluck was the coolest weather of the season, yet guests stayed out visiting even though we couldn't warm up to a fire (fireban had still been in effect)

And thanks to Mike, Jim B., and Tom, who donated hamburgers and brats (from C.P. Market for those of you Southsiders) for a super filling potluck

Little J.D. found joy out on the boat as well as playing in the sand:

and longtime Tall Pines guest Carl Stauber, old buddies with Lennie Ballard- the man who created Tall Pines in the late 40's- returned with Eddie for some good laughs and time with the Wabaskang:

Earl's pic of the week was taken by Jenn who found Earl taking a break on the new bench he built:

For those that aren't following our new Facebook page yet, here's a poem that one of the guests from this blog "Jimmy Frost" created during this year's stay:

And this is what happens when two campground guests who are musicians gather for a an impromptu concert in the park:

And the music in the campground wasn't the only music around- the loons are music to the ears:

Hunter captured this moment of our camp eagle snatching a pike from the water right in front of camp and then landed with it by cabin 5:

And Dave and Don, fellow Parkview Christian Church members, captured this wondrous God moment on Thursdsay evening:

As I reflect on these last two weeks, I keep coming back to a particular recent memory. Ryan and I fishing, I get a hit and reel in, saying this is heavy, I'm gonna need the net; getting a monster- my personal biggest 28" or 29" walleye- to the boat, only to have it spit the lure out just as Ryan prepared to net it... it took my breath away; the sinking feeling, the oh my did that just happen feeling, ahhh! Though I could blame my netter or myself, sometimes these things happen. I realized in the aftermath of that near-thrilling catch that that THAt is the draw of what brings anglers back year after year. The knowing those big fish are out there, and being so close. The adrenaline rush is real! I'll keep reliving that one for a long time, and know so many of you have your own almost catch, the one that got away stories.

Well its a packed week here now at Tall Pines with returning and new guests alike, taking in this Canadian summer filled with rain, wind, sun, clouds, and anywhere from 50's-80's in a given week. The power was out today for "scheduled maintenance" and so I couldn't work on this earlier, but still getting it out this weekend. So many families interconnected, and hoping to blueberry pick soon, but I'm gonna sit back and unwind for a bit first. It's summertime afterall...

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