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Sure Signs of Spring

We’ve had visits from both the fuel tanker and the propane tanker.  Salesmen are coming down the driveway.  It’s snowing on Friday, May 8.  And wait…what’s going on down there?

Looks like we’re getting ready to do something big.  What’s that coming up the lake?

It's getting closer...

It's our docks!

Yes indeed!  Steve determined it was a still enough day–AND THE ICE WAS GONE FROM THIS LAKE–to bring the docks to Camp.  Of course, as soon as he began this mission the wind came up just enough to mess with him:)  Getting the docks here is just part of the battle.  I had to gear up to supervise.

Camp wife chic, as always.

Steve always tends to overdress for an occasion…

Good thing, too, as he actually had to get in the lake.

Once the docks are kind of lined up, he hooks the 4-wheeler to the front and begins putting things together.

The ramp is raising nicely; he'll lock it into place.

There are big chains/ropes out in the lake that he’ll use to secure the end of the dock.

Better hurry ’cause a storm’s brewing to the south.

Finished the main dock just in time!

Then the rains came (followed by today’s snow).  It just poured!  Right now both sets of docks are at the main station; on the next nice day Steve will unjoin the two sets and float the 2nd set into place. 

Herb from Wine Lake Camp was seen heading in by boat yesterday.  We did not see him come back.  We hope this means that the entire lake is open.  We haven’t seen Dave Peffley yet, but I bet we will by Monday. 

Tall Pines Camp is in fine shape for opener!  The spring cleaning is done.  Young Adam, the dockhand, is due to arrive this evening.  His cabin has been cleaned and is waiting for him.  Now it’s time for everyone to get busy!

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