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Technically, it’s still the weekend

I would have posted yesterday but it was raining cats and dogs (all that dancing’s paying off) and our service was sketchy.  I decided to wait until today.  We awoke to pouring rain again–no complaints here–so I waited until a break in the weather and will hopefully get a nice, long, photo-filled post done for you today:) 

The weather has been weird.  Honestly, we have a fire going in the porch room to keep the house comfortable.  It’s been very cool and damp.  Troopers who are fishing this week are finding fish; however, it takes a trooper to go out for very long.  Looks like one more day of rain before things get “normal.”  The dryer in our new laundry facility is probably getting a fierce workout!

Last week’s group had a blast!  Our annual Green Bay batch brought me a ton of nice Conservation Award winners again!  Make sure you check our site ( to see them.  Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click the link:)  The biggest fish and surprise was Jim’s 49.5″ MUSKIE.  Can you believe it?  We don’t see many muskie on this lake, and they’re usually much smaller.  What a fish!  It takes two guys to hold it for the photo! 

Here are a few teaser pics from the Green Bay contingent.  None of these are Conservation Award sized but they’re nice fish just the same:

Those three northern were netted at the same time!  The group attributes their fishing success to the use of their lucky pink rods:

Matt and Ryan said they released literally hundreds of walleye and northern throughout the week.  They had a little contest between themselves and lost count of the fish they caught.  Here’s a nice northern release from Justin:

I’ll jump around the board a bit now.  John and Marie arrived from Indiana.  They are here to continue their Conservation Award streak.  The program is beginning its 7th year.  Will John and Marie get their awards for the 7th year?  We’ll have to wait and see.  Will Marie kick John’s butt on biggest fish this year?  We’ll have to wait and see for that as well.  John creates things.  He has happy hands that make beautiful, useful things.  Look at the wine holder he brought me this year:

It matches a beautiful hook he brought me two years ago:)  Thank you, John.

Sandra, Eldon and Wilma left us Saturday morning.  Instead of our annual moose stomping trip, we ladies headed to Dryden for a day.  You see, Sandra wanted a tattoo.  We found exactly what she wanted on-line, then took it to the artist in Dryden:

She decided to surprise me and Eldon with another tattoo on her ankle:

The tattoo reads “Mountain of A Woman,” a tag I gave her several years ago.  It’s a phrase that describes Sandra 100%!  Did you see the awesome footwear she’s sporting????  I had flip-flop envy.

While we were at it, Wilma decided to get a little ink also. 

She went with a tramp stamp:

It turned out nice but took quite a while.

Here are a few sunset and naturey photos from the cameras of Justin, Matt and Sandra:

I had hoped to share more of their photos but our site is acting up.  So I guess I’ll just kick up my feet and relax a bit.

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