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Thank You, Patty Morgan

Holy cow! It’s been a bit chilly up here for a couple of days. Yesterday was probably mid-20’s after windchill. We still have to get work done around here ‘though I’d like to just curl up by the woodburner and read a good book. Anyway, Murray and I had some work to do under the Bear’s Den–organizing, unpacking, etc. I was snug and toasty thanks to the warm, super-soft leggings I got for Christmas from our very good friend Patty Morgan. Thanks again and Happy Mother’s Day to you:) Happy Mother’s Day to all of you who qualify as well.

Yesterday was truly miserable. It was brutally cold and very, very windy. Add to that a dismal, gray sky and you get one blah Andrea! The wind is good for ice breaking and removal, though, so I considered it a blessing…kind of. Here’s a look toward the boat ramp from the deck of the outside office:

We drove down Sleepy Dog Road and took a look at some of 2nd Lake:

We also drove down Jim and Julie’s Road for a peek at the south end of things. They have a big hole but not as big as we thought.

We awoke today to bountiful sunshine, a little less wind, and warmer temps. Gruper is feeling quite a big better–thanks to mega antibiotics–so he decided to put in a boat and push some ice. Both Gawleys and Peffleys have been doing the same thing from time to time.

Gruper was pretty successful as breaking some of the ice. It floated to our shoreline:

Suffice it to say that waiting for ice to melt is a bit like waiting for water to boil. Given the forecast, we are confident that most of the lake will be ready for opener on Saturday. We figure it will be 100% clear during opening week. We’ve heard from most of our incoming guests, and they are planning to stick to the schedule. We are glad to hear it!

Tonight is the Survivor finale. I think I’m rooting for Cochran. Steve cannot stand him, so I’m not sure who he’s for. Perhaps we’ll have delicious leftover stirfry?

I’m also planning to cut-out curtains. Thanks to everyone who has offered their sewing abilities, especially my Mountain of a Woman Sandra who says she can sew like crazy (the things you never know about a person). Perhaps she’s a real “sewing machine.” Sorry…

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