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The Adventures of Keegan & Declan

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there!  It’s beginning to feel a bit like fall here.  We’ve still had not one drop of rain but the ditches and fishing are looking more fallish every day.  I’ve added two walleye–Jeff’s 23″ and his wife Sue’s 25″–and one northern–Clark’s 36″–to our Big Fish page!  There were plenty of eaters as well last week.  Walleye were holding at 13-18′, with most being caught in 2nd and 3rd Lakes.  Our guests are still able to get everywhere they want to go, but the lake is about the lowest we’ve ever seen.

Potluck was small but delicious last week!  I whipped up some venison and wild rice stuffed peppers:

and another one of these evil blueberry zucchini cakes with lemon buttercream icing:

We had a very social group who enjoyed each other’s company.  They gathered for another “social hour” on Thursday!

This week’s group is all used except for newbie Brian’s threesome.  We think they’re off to a good start!

A few weeks ago, Keegan and Declan brought their mum and dad to Tall Pines Camp!  They are busy little anglers who found lots to do at Camp!  Of course they caught fish:

Sometimes they let their folks in on the fun:

They enjoyed all things boy!

They made friends (kids always find other kids)!  Hi, Rylan!

One morning the boys found a mysterious bottle washed ashore!

Its contents were odd:  a map and a key…

The grabbed their parents and headed to the island!  Using the map, they located the “X.”

Time to dig!

The found a treasure chest LOADED with loot!  They couldn’t wait to show their new friends!

We think if they play their cards right, the boys’ parents might get to come back…

and bring friends of their own!

Maybe Ryan will clean their fish…

and they’ll all sit on the grass and watch beautiful sunset after beautiful sunset!

Today marks the 8th anniversary of when we lost Mackenzie.  Special thoughts to my seester Rebecca, niece Jamie, and everyone else who still feels this loss like it happened yesterday.

Until next time…

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