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The One That Got Away

First, some Lake updates:

Water temps low to mid 70's this past week

Plenty of walleye caught along weed edges and on some rock humps

6-10" of water, which is just slightly deeper than we were focusing on in June

Lots of fish caught on 1/8 oz. jig head and soft minnow type plastic (twitching)

Trolled crankbaits with lots of success in search of new areas

We've had several really calm conditions with low winds that provided optimum conditions for fishing research:

When we have a walleye on, we noticed they're schooling up and feeding; and if you get one up to the boat, usually there is one (or several) chasing it. Same thing with smallmouth. We've actually doubled up lots of times.

I landed my personal biggest smallmouth at 19.5"

Biggest walleye 25" ; half dozen walleye in the 20's in that same day

The northern bite has been good, along weed edges adjacent to deep water. On Canada Day, July 1st, we had a blast getting on the water early and taking advantage of the morning bite. Ryan landed a 40"!

We have enjoyed a couple outings that included Shore Lunch. While exploring one day, we found a couple "new" shore lunch spots we hadn't known existed before. I also updated our Shore Lunch Kits so our guests can experience this is as well...

There is small fry everywhere. And due to the incredible water clarity right now, you can see it next to your boat.

Top water smallmouth bite has been on fire; we've even had occasional walleye hitting on top water as well

Jigging with soft plastics for walleye

So here, we are wrapping up after a good stretch of fishing. I packed up/put my rod away and Ryan's doing the "just 5 more casts then we'll head back", so I am taking selfies when Ryan hooks a giant smallmouth. First he says he's got another smallie so I don't pay him any attention, but then he's calling out "Grab the net!" as he's fighting the fish, and we see it come to the boat (over 20") , and as I'm scrambling, it jumps over the net and unhooks itself. So this is all the evidence of the big smallmouth that got away...

We take breaks from fishing to get some camp projects done:

New coat of floor sealer to cabins (above) and hung some new curtains (below):

Ryan added some solar lighting to steps leading all the way to the top of the hill:

Some beach clean up:

A before and after of another fuel tank

And we've been sanding a lot around here; check out the before and after of porch tables for cabins 9 and 10

And here's a sneak peak at the "baby" of the summer; cabin 2. I'll do a Facebook Video soon to give you a tour of this remodel:

We definitely have not had much rain here over the last month, but one of the few times we have we were blessed with this rainbow. Fire ban exists now, and there are some forest fires near Kenora and west of Red Lake that have actually produced ash here and a smoky fog depending on which way the wind is blowing!

We are taking these moments of "just the two of us" in as we get ready for Earl to arrive soon!

As far as the continued border closure, we are eagerly awaiting for an announcement at the end of this week on the next steps towards re-opening for non-Canadian travelers. Currently, they lifted restrictions on Canadians returning to Canada that was announced at end of June; last month they also lifted restrictions on inter-provincial travel, and Ontario is set to go into "Stage 3 of Re-Open" on the 16th which allows for indoor dining and large group outdoor gatherings again.

Once again, we encourage everyone to reach out to their state representatives to push for the northern border re-opening. It is taking pressure from both governments and the media to get some action- but we believe Trudeau and Biden are finally taking notice. We get that it is frustrating when you see live resuming to pre-pandemic life in the U.S. and many other countries, and appreciate the so many of you who have reached out with support and enthusiasm to get here as soon as we get the green light.

We hope all our guests, friends, and family back home had a great 4th of July, and are enjoying their summer too. Til next time everyone!

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1 Comment

Paul Neumann
Paul Neumann
Jul 13, 2021

Good update, The cabin improvements look great! Also, I like those steps leading up the hill, with the lighting, very nice. Enjoy the fishing before you finally get some guest real soon I hope.

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