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The Week Got Away From Me!

Happy Wednesday.  Forgive me for posting THREE DAYS later than usual.  I don’t know where the time goes.

Oops!  Yes, I’ve been picking a bit more during this past week.  It really is part of the Customer Service Representative part of my title:)  What started out to be a bleak year for the berries has changed into an average year.  We’ve had a bit more rain in the area overall, so maybe that’s helped them grow up a bit. 

We had a ton of rain yesterday!  It was needed so we’re not complaining.  It poured off and on all day.  Gruper was out fishing during one deluge.  I was out picking–at least we could hop into the car until it let up a bit.  The Lake had been dropping visibly so we’re glad for every drop we get.

Last week’s fishing was good overall.  I believe everyone went home with their desired limits.  Jim and Amanda’s crew had their usual good time.  I’ve added Amanda’s 37.5″ northern to the Conservation Awards page of our website (  As usual, this group did not disappoint with the photos!  The saw a total of 9 meese (plural of moose) this year!  Here are some great moose shots from Amanda’s camera:

Unbelievable footage of that mama and baby!  Good job, you guys:)  They enjoyed fishing together as well.  There’s more trash-talking going on between their three boats than at an NBA game!

Jim’s report is that they had luck on 3rd Lake, in North Bay and in 2nd Lake.  They were finding walleye starting at 14′.  Other guests reported the same depths:  14-17′. 

Amanda didn’t disappoint with the sunset photos this year, either.  I’ll say, though, that it was easy pickin’s last week.  We’ve had a string of phenomenal skies for a few weeks now.

I wonder if Josh and Steph are talking about their move to California?

Wayne and Shirley’s 2nd trip of the season (thank you) was very good.  They always do pretty well on fish.  This trip they caught a little moose action on the Lake:

They also caught a good sunset:

Gruper’s been a bear-baiting fool!  Things are going well at all bait sites except for trail cam malfunctions!  He’s been really frustrated but I’ve asked him to persevere so we can get some good photos.  Here are a couple:

That baby scampered up the tree…wonder why?

Ohhhhh, that’s why.  Hopefully I’ll have some more photos on the next post.  We could even have bear hunter photos by then. 

This Friday, Aug. 19, will mark the one-year anniversary of the loss of our niece Mackenzie.  I know it won’t bring closure but I hope it brings the ability for our family–especially Rebecca, Jayme, Mackayla and myself–to move forward, focus on the present and future, and embrace the memories.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please.

I’ll close with a super shot I took one morning last week:

and a question for contemplation

Why did the grouse cross the road?

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