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Time for a Breather

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there!  Yes, it’s that time of year when Camp is smaller, the pace a bit slower, and the owners a bit more relaxed!  The temps have been downright cool in the evenings, making for nice sleeping.  We are still seeing a few pesky mayflies but not big herds of them.

Last week was a bit tougher for the anglers.  We began seeing a few walleye by week’s end.  Reports were that they were starting at about 8′ and moving deeper.  Folks were having success in the narrows between 2nd and 3rd Lakes as well as on humps.  I added a big walleye and northern from Dave as well as a big walleye from Ryan to our Big Fish page (

This week has started slow.  Reports are that the tried and true walleye spots and “one and done.”  Two of our cabins are folks who have fished this lake for YEARS, and they are still trying to hit their stride.  I believe they will:)

Mike, Pete, Ron and the boys were here a couple of weeks ago.  They had a blast and did a fine job figuring things out around here!


I’m not sure what their bait of choice was…


Kirk and Wendy were here a couple of weeks ago too!  They returned for a week of rest and relaxation.  They thoroughly seem to enjoy themselves during their stay.  Here are a few of their pics:


Nice perches, Kirk!


You, too, Wendy;)


Here’s a great sunset from the deck of Cabin 4:


So with a smaller Camp we usually get a bit o’ family!  Becky and Mackayla returned and brought our youngest niece Emily from Minnesota!  Emily turned 15 during her visit!  Remember when Anna turned 16 here so many years ago!  It must be a thing:)  Anyway, the girls were able to spend some time in the lake:


and I tried to make pancakes that said “15,”

and best of all:  the girls got to take a scenic ride in a float plane!


All in all, it’s been a great visit!  They still have a couple of days left but the time has “flown” by!

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