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Yes, that’s right.  I’m going through e-mails, grabbings pics, opening photo card files, etc. in an effort to clean up computers.  Since yesterday’s entry I’ve made a meatsloaf and stuck it in the freezer, baked chocolate chip cookies, cleaned one of our fridges thoroughly, picked up a lovely moose head skeleton from a ditch and ran errands in Ear Falls with Gruper.  There is measurable snow out on 105, although our driveway has just a light layer.

I had shared some of Jim and Mary’s photos from August but not all of them.  I’ll start with some nice nature photos Mary took:

I liked the reflection of the ducks.  Check out these immature eagle pics.  I’m not sure how I missed these the first time through!

Those are probably the best close-ups of an immature I’ve seen!  Thanks, Mary:)

Jim and Mary bring their girls Carly and Hanna along.  Carly and Hanna go fishing, blueberry picking, etc. just like any other guests.  I know I’ve shared pics of them jumping in the lake and swimming.  Here are some other nice shots:

Even when they travel they have the occasional photo op:

Seeing these girls made me think about some of our other four-legged guests.  Riki had two visits this year!  Here’s a pic of her from Marji’s camera:

Bailey was a good little trooper and went fishing (?) every day:

Angel also had two trips this year; however, she found Sept. a bit too cold:

Spookers visits twice each season.  She doesn’t mind the cold, though, ’cause she stays inside:

Well, it’s time for me to get packing…literally.  You may not hear from me for a while.  If you subscribe to the blog, you’ll know if I get a wild hair and do a random entry.  If I have your e-mail or home mailing address, look for a newsletter around Thanksgiving.  Drop an e-mail if you’re so inclined; I enjoy hearing from you!  If nothing else, I sure hope we see you in 2013–our 10th year at Tall Pines Camp!

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