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Updates & PHOTO FEST!

So here I am again this week! It’s been a bit nuts but I’ve found enough time to put together a pretty good photo fest.

This week’s fishing has been pretty good overall. I know of four Conservation Award fish: 25″ and 27″ walleye, 36″ northern and 18.5″ smallie. Everyone seems to be eating fish which is a good sign. I know that John in Cabin 5 caught the first walleye of his life! Bob and Chuck said the walleye are one and done for them, so they went bass fishing today. Sonny and Kathy are back from the hospital which is the best news of all!

We’ve been having some rain. We had a HUGE storm Tues. night–complete with hail and lots of rain. We pumped boats for what seemed like forever yesterday morning. Today is cool with intermittent rain. It looks like a perfect walleye day.

“My guys” were here a couple of weeks ago. Aaron and Kevin found us at a sports show in Madison (they both live in Illinois?) five years ago. They came for two years alone, then added Dave for two years, and this year the three of them brought Doug and Tommy along. Aaron and Kevin are systematic kinds of guys. They wanted to learn the lake and get a feel for things before inviting others. They are now quite capable of hosting a near-perfect fishing trip that includes great fishing, good food, good beer and an odd blend of traditions. I’ve been going through Aaron and Doug’s cameras in my spare time and have put together a photo fest that I feel is a fair representation of “my guys.” Enjoy or be afraid–the choice is yours.

I’ll start with fishing pics. These guys catch a bit of everything. Aaron and Kevin both added a perch to the Conservation Awards Program; Dave added his second consecutive northern and a bass. Along the way they catch plenty of walleye for eating and to take home as well as various sizes of all our species and some oddballs.


Nice 'eye KB




Nice bass AG

Tommys northern

Whatcha’ doin’, Doug?


AG tiny perch



Daves big fish release

goofing in the boat



Whatcha’ doin’, Dave?


Now this sucks…

Aaron's sucker

AG has officially joined the ranks of John, Marie and Andrea with that catch!

Another very common theme for these guys is beer. They have what they refer to as “reward beers” and just regular beers. There seems to be a sense of ceremony about their beerness. They also have personalized beer glasses…

Beer glasses




Moments like this make me proud to call them mine:


From now on, you are Kevin Beer Ears in my book.

Beer drinking seems to lead these guys into odd nighttime activity. Last year there were photos of Aaron, Kevin and Dave with moose antlers–I referred to them as horny. This year’s evening antics centered around the dock I think. Here’s how it begins:

Steak night


Here’s Aaron holding the Three Guys Fishing sign (they’ll need to change that if they continue to grow):


Here’s Aaron taking a pic of Kevin a bit later–notice how things are beginning to blur?


A bit later they must have wandered down to the docks:


KB and Doug


Perhaps Murray was the bad influence???

Murray and Doug

Another tradition is our Wednesday night road trip! After potluck we go look for bears and moose. This year we were lucky enough to find a kind soul to take a “Grupe” photo:


We take the new guy(s) to see my favorite beaver dam:


We see at least one moose every year. Here’s this year’s (we almost drove right by it):

Our moose

These moth and merganser photos seem to belong with the moose pic:


Mama merganser

Here are some nice lake scenery pictures:

Tommy at the falls



scenery 8

scenery 7

scenery 6

scenery 5

scenery 4

scenery 3

scenery 2

scenery 1

I was trying to figure out what these clouds looked like–definitely like something flying:


Hey, I recognize this place!


How ’bout a sunset or three???



This one has a funky white something falling from the sky:


I’ll close with my favorite picture of them:) Hope to see you all again next year!

The trip begins
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