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Winding Down


We are beginning our last official week of anglers.  We’ll still have some grouse hunters and a moose hunter, but the fisherfolks are ’bout done.  I’ve been closing cabins as the schedule thins.  We still have bodies in five cabins this week.

Last week’s group had a great time!  Steve E. who visits every spring with his dad and brothers brought his wife Judy and had a very nice time.  They found fish and Judy found blueberries with me.  We had a couple of nice guys from Kansas who did a super job on the fish!  They caught right on and had plenty to eat.  Most everyone else was old-timers/repeat offenders:)  We had four good friends here–I’ll have photos from fishing and shore lunch with them later in the week.

Ron & Karna left this morning after 32 days in the campground!  We’ll sure miss them.  Bob & Ann left yesterday after 2 1/2 weeks in their cabin.  I need to say a special thank-you to those ladies.  They helped A LOT while I was back in Iowa…above and beyond anything I would have expected.  Thank you both so much.

Steve and I fished on Thurs.  I found walleye on 2nd, 3rd and 5th lakes.  Steve had a harder time;)  It was pretty cold and windy which made for good fishing…for me.  More on that later in the week.  For now I’ll finish up with Mary and Lori’s photos from two weeks ago.

I shared their duck photos.  Here are some more birds:

Looked in my bird book. Can't decide: tern or rail.

It found a little something to eat.

Apparently he has something to say.

Apparently Ron has something to say as well.

Probably something like, "Nice fish, Mary."

or "Nice fish, Ken."

 Or “Nice fishes, Lori.”

Not that Ron didn’t have his own to brag about:

He was also traveling incognito:

The family road tripped one windy day. 



They captured a lovely sunset at day’s end,

and Mary had fun with food a little later

Speaking of later…see you then.  A

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