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Winter’s Back!

Updated: Mar 20

Wow!  It is cold and rainy here!  Things started going south mid-week and just continued to increase in nastiness!  Add to that a midnight power outage Friday–making for Camp turnover without power yesterday–and I think I’ll hibernate for a while!  The forecast assures me that things will be better as the week progresses.  I sure hope so….brrrr!  Honestly, Gruper has built a fire in the house for two days now:(

Fishing, on the other hand, was fantastic last week!  We had a super group of people who also happened to be super good anglers!  Many large fish were released.  Reports were 6-10′ for walleye.  Greg’s group were here on a short stay and had a super time.  They shared hot spots that have not disappointed!

Tom and Carol estimated that they released more than 20 fish greater than 20″ long:)  Here are a couple of their walleye releases:

That one was one of many Carol caught that day!  She proclaimed that it was one of her best angling days EVER!  We love hearing that!  Not only that, they roadtripped to Red Lake on a rainy day and saw THREE moose!  Tom usually finds a good northern or two

and they always find plenty to eat!

Another thing we love to hear is when guests can’t find walleye small enough to keep!  We heard that a couple of times last week.  Bob and his group had incredible fishing nearly every day.  His group are true men of God who come for the fellowship, the fishing and the chance to spend a week in God’s country!  Terry is a super angler.  He reported boating 60 walleye one morning.  Their group was over 100 walleye one day, and on their last day they released four, 25″ walleye!  Terry released a beautiful 26″ as well.  I’ll go through their (many) photos and devote next week’s entry to their group:)

Kevin first visited us YEARS ago.  He returned last year, bringing his wife, daughter and parents.  They returned last week and had a BLAST!  Their fishing was off the charts for size!  Sherry, his mom, caught (and released) per personal best:  a 25″ walleye!

Beautiful!  Kevin, Ruth and Dave all released big, healthy fish as well:

They were not short of eaters either

These eagles found something as well!

Emma did not have any big fish photos; however, she did have a very lovely vacation with her parents and grandparents.  She found time for a manicure,


and crafting with Andrea!  Here is her salted silk scarf:

She is a great kid who is truly high on life!  We thought we needed a selfie so we wouldn’t forget each other until next year:

Yes, that’s right:  they’re coming back next year!  We’re happy about that ’cause these are great people

who know the road to happiness and great memories!

While Emma pedalboated, I tried out my new toy (it’s a paddleboard/kayak combo)

The pollen on the lake before this cold snap was remarkably beautiful!

Then winter returned (kind of)!  I’ve been spending time indoors with Ms. Freya who has a gentle reminder during these crazy busy weeks:

Thanks for respecting our wishes and waiting until noon!  We truly appreciate it!

Until next time!

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