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Yes, I Know I’m Late (again)

Hey there.  Sorry about the delay.  We were busy there for a bit but things are beginning to wind down. 

The last couple of weeks saw pretty good fishing.  Week before last we had two groups from home here:  Chad’s new group of four and Frank’s group of three.  Chad added a 25″ walleye to our Conservation Awards Program (  His group did OK for their first time fishing here.  The weather was AWFUL for walleye fishing:  hot, windless, cloudless, etc.  We were glad they found some at all!  Frank, Bender and Sully had their usual good time.  We sure missed Gilky and hope to see him next year;)  Frank continued our annual tradition of shore lunch!  It’s a rare treat for us and we certainly enjoy the time with the guys. 

Stay out of his's his kitchen:)

Curt’s bunch was new to us as well.  They kicked butt and took names in the walleye dept.  Nibs said it was the best walleye fishing of his life!  Bob Hansen was here during their stay.  He reported one of his best days fishing on Wabaskang as well.  We love hearing that!

Last week’s weather was all over the board!  We went from high 80’s to frost within a few days’ time.  We had fierce winds for a couple of days that–accompanied by the very cool air–made it downright cold up here! 

Ron, Karna, Bob and Ann were still hanging out last week.  Ron and Bob continued their unbelievable fishing.  We gals picked the last of the blueberries.  Ann and I collaborated on a baby shower gift for a friend of mine up here:

Hanging out with Ann is like hanging out with Martha Stewart!  I get a lot of good food, etc., ideas from her.

The guys have been VERY busy when the wind isn’t blowing.  Cabin 6 got its new roof last week.  Cabin 5 should get one this week.

The plan is to do 3 & 7’s roofs in the spring. 

Eldon and Sandra were here last week.  Sandra brought me a great gift (as usual):

Hawkeye flip-flop socks!

She also brought a beautiful quilt to memorialize My Girl, Stinky LaRue:

The quilt features pictures of many of the creatures Stinky experienced in her Canadian life.  It refers to the Rainbow Bridge poem as well:)  Thank you.

Eldon had asked if he could make a marker for Shasta’s site behind the campground.  We conducted a brief commitment Friday evening:

When next I write, I’ll tell you about getting lost in the bush with Jenny:)  Take care.

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