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3rd Week’s A Charm!

Hi there!  We just came off a phenomenal week at Tall Pines Camp!  We had a large group of almost-all-used guests!  We were a very social camp, a very busy camp and a very happy camp!  I added three walleyes to the Big Fish page (  Lee, Skip and Brock, as well as a great piggy perch from William!  EVERYONE caught walleye all week!  Perch were also ripe for the picking.  Now that guests have seen how well Mark cleans northern, many of them were kept as well:)  The species we’ve seen more of this year than in all past years combined:  crappie.

Our first official potluck of the season was a huge success!  All food groups were well represented.  I did Carolina pulled pork and a rhubarb-blueberry struesel.  My guys were here and brought Aaron’s nearly-world-famous ribs.  We had salads, taters, desserts and more!  Of course, Lee can only come to potluck if he makes his fantastic onion rings!  I got the very first one of the season:)

0nion ring

I will have a ton of pics from My Guys and from Brad & Co., a new foursome who had a great time (thanks, in part, to My Guys).  I’ll comb through their pics as time allows and put together some bonus entries/photo fests.

Skip & Co. returned for their billionth trip.  They had a great year of fishing and traditions, one of which finds our other Aaron and William hitting the lake.  It’s a bit easier than in some years as the lake is around 70 degrees already.


Is it my imagination or does that dragonfly look freakishly large?  Anyway, yes the lake is warm but the fish are still shallow.  Most folks were getting them around 8′.  We had a good rain yesterday so maybe the water temp will hold or even drop a bit.

Two of our male guests had visited before and deemed us good enough to return with their wives!  Mark brought Nancy for her first visit.  Poor Nancy was the lone female in a good-sized group of males.  She did just fine, though.


The weather was great all week–nice enough for a shore lunch


and to enjoy a nice goose family out on the lake (I like them as long as they stay on the water):


Eric and his parents were here Week 2.  The guys fish hard, hard, hard.  June fishes pretty hard and bakes bread:)  They found some crappie during their visit:


Eric and Gary had a double or two…


The fish counter is strictly for walleyes (117 and counting):


They, too, enjoy a traditional shore lunch!


as does Eldon, seen here in front of Cabin 2:


Eric said this pic does not do the double rainbow justice but I still think it’s nice!


This week finds us busy again, with mostly used guests.  We started with big wind on Saturday, a good downpour yesterday, and cooler temps today.  We’ll see what else the weather has in store!

Until next time…

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