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A Belated Birthday Post…

from me!  Camp owners should never have to celebrate their birthday on a Saturday!  There’s entirely too much going on and we’re extremely too tired to call it a birthday.  Luckily I celebrated a couple of times throughout the week with Kraig-the-bear-hunter, his wife Jenny, the Red Hats and the Other Hats!

Perch fishing continued to be very good.  Folks were catching their walleye but still having to work harder than expected for this time of year.  Tim released a 38″ northern and I think we had a couple of other big fish (pictures, please) to add to our Conservation Awards Page.  Cross your fingers for this week’s group.  We have mostly new guests who need to have a great week.

Kraig, Kraig, Kraig.  He got himself a dandy bear again (his 5th with us; 2nd largest of the five).

He looks a little crazed there…Kraig that is.  Here’s a morning-after pic:

It was a nice bear:  310 lbs. dressed out!

That pic wouldn’t stay rotated but it looked like the bear was standing on his head!

Good job, Kraig.  Jenny, good luck finding a spot in your new house…

We have another hunter in Camp this week.  We’ve been collecting some fun trail cam shots from our camera as well as Kraig’s.  There’s a party going on out there every night!

Wolf eye and bear eye…

Angry bear…

Curious bear…

Beautiful bear!

Brett and Karen returned with the kids a few weeks ago.  Karen always takes nice pictures.  Picking berries is a definite tradition!

The family usually enjoys a shore lunch day with a little exploring as well:

Fishing is their primary purpose, though!

Tricia talked Dad into a pedal boat ride!

She also became a duck momma’!  She had a few of them following her around Camp…even waiting for her to come out of her cabin!

The sunsets were great during their stay:

This one came after a particularly violent storm–the calm after perhaps?

My fave pic from Karen this year is because she knows my tastes well…look for the reflection;)  What a cool interpretation!

We had some guests a few weeks back who were here, like, 30 years ago!  They brought some fun pics and I scanned a few.  Cabin 2 is still standing.  The docks, however, have changed significantly!

The scenery was a hot photo topic even back then!

Very cool!  Thanks for sharing!

Guess what???  All of our roofs are done!  Murray finished Cabin 2 and the Bear’s Den hot tub gazebo:

Our contractor did the Eagle’s Nest and, last but not least, our house!

Lots of hard work…

A guy with a drone is coming today!  We want all new photos for sports shows, Camp sale, etc.  I’ll share the good ones!

The Browns were here a couple of weeks ago.  Jim added, like, three big fish to our Conservation Page (I still would love a pic of Mark’s perch…).  I loved this panoramic photo:

Check out the silhouette on the wake:

They, too, caught a great sunset:

This seems like a good stopping point for this entry.  Stay tuned and have a great week!

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