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A Friday Quickie

Guess what…the sun is shining!  It is a splendid, lovely day!!!  AND, my seester Rebecca has arrived for her annual visit!  I thought we should celebrate with a bonus blog entry.

I added Dave B.’s big perch release to our website.  His buddy John was quick to point out that Dave’s was only 12.25″, while John’s was 12.5″.  Thought I’d better point that out:)

Dave and John sent me some other photos as well.  Here are some pesky pelicans…we don’t like them:

John caught a good walleye:

Here’s a piggy perch:

and a couple of nice stringers:

Dan and Kari had a great time last week.  You may recall that Dan put a big northern on the Conservation Awards page.  Here are some photos I took from their camera:

They got good pics of a beaver hut,

pelicans in flight,

a moose,

and some lovely scenery with reflections.

Check out this view from Cabin 4.  It must have been the one nice day in the week;)  I’ll add this to my sports show photo album:

Dan’s not the only one who caught fish.  Check out some of Kari’s catches:

I’m guessing the counter is for how many fish they’ve caught(?)

Here’s a nice sunset to end our bonus session.  I hope to see you Sunday. 

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