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A GREAT Week for Fishing!

Holy buckets!  I just finished adding 14 pics to our Conservation Awards page ( and I’m waiting for a few more (you know who you are)!  The weather seems to have stabilized (cool, damp, etc.) and the fish have settled into their “usual” haunts I guess.  Walleye are hanging around 8-10′ for the most part.  Folks began perch hunting around Tuesday, i.e., “I have all my walleye for take home and now I’d like to pack some perch.”  They–the perch not the people–had been spotty all week…one here, a few there.  By about Thursday, however, we began seeing worthwhile amounts of skins in the gut buckets.  Reports were that they were still very shallow (3’ish) but beginning to school up nicely.  We’ll see how Mark does this week…we know why he’s here;)  Bass are nesting and we again have a couple we can eyeball from our deck:


Several (very) nice bass were caught throughout the week.  Tony, Jack and Linda enjoy fishing for bass and northern.  They added a couple of nice bass photos to our page last week.  Jack reported using a Silver Reaper spoon (no longer made…and he’s down to two). For northern fishing, he used a #5 Mepps (silver).  I’m not sure what they use for walleye, but they seem to have it down to a science!  Linda released a nice 23″er:


Tony released a 22″ and a 24″, and Jack released a 26!  Here’s the 22; you’ll have to visit the big fish page to see the others:

Jacobs 22

Tony and Jack will be back in August.  Hopefully they’ll add some more pics to our pages!

At (our first) potluck of the season we asked for a show of hands from those who had released an 18″ or greater walleye.  It was amazing how many hands were in the air!  Thank you for understanding the importance of conservation fishing!  Skip and his crew do a great job of releasing fish.  It’s come with time but it has come!  I’ve added several pics of his crew to the Big Fish page. Skip added a nice northern and a couple of smallies, William added a smallie, and Jayden added a 24.5″ walleye.  Dean released a 12.5″ perch and a 24″ walleye (on the Big Fish page).  He also caught this:


We saw quite a few crappie throughout the week.  Here’s Laura’s:


Nice,eh?  Laura and Ryan have been guests of ours for many years.  They have brought their two sons, Brayden and Parker, for two years now.  What’s funny is how hard those boys fish!  Brayden released a 38″ northern, and Parker caught his first-ever fish:


This whole family catches fish…because they fish!!!


The Schneider brothers returned yet again!  Dave added a 26.5″ walleye to our Big Fish page.  The guys truly enjoy each other’s company.  Shore lunch seems to be a tradition:


They saw a LARGE loon egg…here it is next to a wallet:


They caught a couple of good sunsets as well:


Speaking of sunsets, KB and I had the same idea about this one:


It was very, very beautiful:


KB and AG (Kevin and Aaron) were here last week.  They left their camera card which I’m combing through.  I’ll do a special edition blog entry of their stuff in the near future.

I mentioned potluck a bit earlier.  We had a lovely evening and a great turnout!  I served venison loaf.  Gruper took a couple of pics:


Can you believe no one here had heard of a Veggetti???  I told them about mine.  I’m sure everyone will now go purchase one.  Some of you may be asking yourself, “What is a Veggetti?”  It turns a zucchini into a Veggetti spaghetti!!  So, when Gruper has beef (thank you Sandra and Eldon)


Andrea has this:


and we are equally delighted:)

Oh, say, crappie wasn’t the only odd fish caught last week!  Bill released this:


Yep…another musky (37.5″)!  He also released a nice 34″ northern:


He and Jay have visited us several times.  Their buddies Mike and Denny were new to us.  Mike added a beautiful walleye to our Big Fish page.  Jay released a beauty, too!


Cindy caught an odd fish too…


Well that sucks;)

Throughout the week odd things were happening outside my window.  Ronan took a rather cool dip (I hope he made some money on the deal).


An island floated by.  Murray thinks maybe a couple of retirees were set out to sea:


Wow!  That was a pretty meaty blog entry.  I can close by saying it rocks!

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