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A Great Week….for Perchin’ and Hooks

Bonjour, Mes Amis. If it weren’t for the calendar saying June 9, I’d swear it’s about July 20. We have been having waaaaaay too nice of weather for early June. It’s been over a week of 70+ temps, bright blue skies, no wind, and no rain. Of course, that does not bode well for the majority of our guests: walleye guys. Many of our used guests did OK last week–though they were quick to say they’d never seen such a tough walleye week; however, our new guests had a very difficult time with walleye.

Perchers, on the other hand, had a pretty darned good week! Eugene and his boys returned for their annual trip. I share pics of their perch every year–unbelievable the fish they find! Here are a couple of this year’s:


perch on table

Check out this piggy!


Nice job, Dennis! Here he is with a nice slot northern as well:


Mark and Sandy were back for a third year of perchin’. By the way, Sandy was our only Conservation Award winner last week; I added a photo of her with a nice, 36″ northern to our website ( I fogot to give her her decal, though:( Watch for it in the mail, Sandy, and thanks for understanding. This couple knows how to jerk some perch. Here are a few nice pics of their catch (yes, they limited out):

Sandy perch1

Sandy perch2

I called this one “Sandy Twoperch.”

Sandy twoperch

Mark and Sandy went moose driving one night and saw 9 moose! The “moost” I’ve ever seen is 8 (with Ryan and Laura on her first visit to Camp). Here are a couple of nice moose shots:

Minta moose 1

Minta moose 2

Mark had never seen a turtle in Canada. Well, his first was a dandy:

Minta turtle 1

Minta turtle 2

I think the only downside of their trip came on Friday. Mark got a hook in his finger (ick). He opted to remove it himself:


Believe it or not, Mark’s was not the only hooked finger of the week. Tim–enjoying his first trip here with his seasoned father-in-law Roger–got a good one earlier in the week.

hooked finger

Here are the tools he used for removal:

hook tools

I don’t think we’ve ever had two in one week before(?) I hope it’s not a trend for 2013. I am worthless with that stuff.

I have a photo fest worth of Tim’s pics. I promise to put it together yet this week–honest. I just have a ton of work to do yet this evening.

Here’s the good news: Bill and Roz limited out on walleye and northern by noon today; Ted and Don released 26″ and 24″ walleyes today for Conservation Awards (Ed played guide); Dave released a HUGE northern today for a Conservation Award; Kevin, Aaron and Dave introduced Doug and Tommy to wonderful fishing of all species today; and Jack, Linda and Wyatt brought in a nice batch of eater walleyes and perch! Only Sunday and already better than last week! We had good cloud cover today and a hint of chop:) It really does make a huge difference.

I’ll close with Bentley:) He’s not even 2 yet and has visited Tall Pines Camp twice! Here he is with Grandma Nita at potluck (I made moose and wild rice unstuffed peppers):


Here he is with some other guy:


Stranger Danger, Bentley…

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