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A Most Wonderful Week

Hi there. I know this Monday thing is becoming a habit, but I honestly needed to rest on Sunday. We had a fantastic week of friends and fun last week! Let’s see if I can tell you all about it.

Fishing was good!  The walleye have gone deep and have transitioned to their fall spots.  We saw lots of nice eaters.  Tom added a 24.5″er to the Conservation Awards page (  I may have told you that last week but I really can’t remember…

Tom and Charlie were our only two bear-takers this season.  Kraig and Dave both saw plenty but chose to pass.  Tom sent me a couple more pictures of his from two weeks ago:

Tom brought his son Grayson for a visit.  They had a great time and promise to return.  Here are a couple pics from their stay:

Nathan and Cassie are newlyweds!  They were catching nice perch right off the dock!  They wanted to thoroughly enjoy their honeymoon experience and were open to all offerings presented by the social director (me).  They picked blueberries like professionals!  OK, they were slightly dirty pickers but made up for it in shear numbers:

and they made beautiful silk scarves (Mike Dove may have started a trend):

Scarf Party (that’s what Gruper calls it) was outstanding!  We had new colors for fall and cucumber mojitos for a summer send-off.  My fellow attendees decorated me with all the scarves I’ve created:

My Canadian friend Patty finally joined us:

Jenny’s 2nd scarf reminded us of Starry Night:

Cindy and Sal were visiting from home!  They had a blast creating personal souvenirs!

I took them to the falls for some photo opps:

They were able to see lots around Camp!  Cabin 10 finally got its lid:

and roses were blooming right outside Sal’s door!

 Did I mention my birthday was last week?  I try to forget but that’s impossible around here;)  So many people remembered me throughout the week!  I am truly blessed.  Cindy made breakfast for us and baked a cake:

Sally made one of her beautiful flower arrangements.  Rikki found a lovely nuthatch picture.  Jenny made sure my wine glass was beach-ready:

Yes, that’s a flip-flop for a wine glass;)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the presence of my “other” guys, the Red Hats.  They were here and made sure everyone felt comfortable.  They adopted a couple of green-to-Wabaskang guys, Brandon and Devin, and even attended Scarf Party:

We had to take our annual photo:

Here they are without me:

Thank goodness only Jr. and Rich drink:)

Here’s one for Dawn E. at home:

We even had an evening of fun and laughter at week’s end:

Everyone may have been a little buzzed…

and Sal didn’t want it to end:

but it was probably about time for this photographer to call it a night;)

’cause these four girls had had a blast!

and one of us had to go to work early in the morning.  We did catch an incredible sunset, though:

Thanks to everyone who made it such a FANTASTIC week!  I realize how blessed we are and love sharing it with family, friends, and guests!  Sometimes, random acts of kindness make the experience that much sweeter:

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