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A Quickie

Hi!  I know it’s Thursday already but I did give you an extra entry last week.  Let’s just get kind of caught up on the action around here.

Steve continued bear baiting through this week.  He came up with the title for this series:

The Good

The Bad

and The Ugly

I call this one X-ray Bear

and this one Possessed Bear

We’ll call this one Randy’s bear:)  He got it Saturday evening.  It was my birthday so for kicks I accompanied the guys on a recovery–my first ever.

Randy's son Blake was impressed!

Check out his paw:

and his smile

I was decked out in the finest bear recovery footwear available

I know I owe you a bigger blog but I must go for now.  I have lots of fishing and fun stuff to share and will make an honest effort to blog again no later than Sunday.  I did add two new perch photos to our Conservation Awards Program this week and have heard rumor of a northern, a smallie and a walleye to be added yet! 

Max decorated my golf cart for my bday.  It made me smile…

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