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Almost Ready

First of all, thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!  Our reading audience is increasing which makes it more fun for me. 

Yesterday was another all-day trip to Dryden for me.  The guys stayed back and began getting some boats in the water for our opening-week guests. 

Boats ready

I was gone a total of seven hours (granted, two of them were spent getting new hair).  It was a gorgeous day, too–not one to be spent driving or sitting inside.  The high yesterday was around 60.  Today’s high is in the 40’s and it’s windy.  We still might see a couple of downright cold nights.  I’m not planting anything until it’s full-time decent.

The door-to-door people are about to drive us mad!  They just show up…no notice.  They always start their spiel with, “I know it’s a busy time for you, but…”  Holy cow! 

I’ve been able to get all of my cabins expecting bodies this week ready, from the macro (beds made, curtains hung, etc.) to the micro (updating magazines, counting silverware, etc.).  I can work on the remaining cabins next week.  I’m probably too anal for my own good…I doubt many folks notice if I update their cutlery or make sure they’re playing with a full deck (of cards that is).

Steve and Adam have been doing cabin repairs:  planing doors, hanging light fixtures, anything else I can find;)  I had run them around so much that it was time to bring out the big guns.

This is the older of our fleet of two.

This is the older of our fleet of two.

In my spare time I’ve begun opening boxes of new schwag!  I ordered a few things from each of a few distributors.  It’s always fun to see what I ordered last fall ’cause I can never remember.  I’m still waiting for one order.  Then I can start hauling things to the outside office.

The tip of the iceberg...currently located in the house loft.

The tip of the iceberg...currently located in the house loft.

An old friend has turned up!  Opening week last year an injured goose lay on our boat ramp.  We feared for it, thinking it was sure prey for a fox, wolf, eagle, something.  The goose started hopping around and swimming.  Though ostrasized by the other geese and ducks, it would come around during feeding time and take what it could get its bill on.  Mike, last year’s employee, started calling the goose Roundabout.  You see, it has only one good leg and therefore swims in circles… 

A couple of days ago we noticed a pair of geese in the yard.  The one on the right has only one good leg and hops like a pro.

Ruthie, I've brought a friend for you to meet!

Ruthie, I've brought a friend for you to meet!

Well, time for me to get busy.  It’s too cold and windy for a walk, so I’ll opt for the tool of torture in the loft.

Tool of Torture

Do I know how to have fun or what?

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