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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there:)  I was looking at the calendar and realized we are almost finished with our 15th season.  Where does the time go?  The strangest phenomenon is that I’ll think, “When such-and-such gets here” or “I can’t wait to show this to…” and then I realize they’ve already been and gone for the season.  Socially, it all happens so quickly for me.

I’ve been so busy with cabin closings that I needed to remind myself what else I’ve been doing for the last month or so!  Well…I certainly picked A LOT of berries this season!  Debbie, Diane, Mary (taking photo) and I enjoyed a GREAT pick one day:

I joined my Canadian galpals in Ear Falls for a LOVELY luncheon:

Jenny and Kraig had a bit shorter visit than usual, so she and I had to cram A LOT into, like, 9 days!  We took an acrylic paint pour class with Kathy and Susie (awesome fun);

she and Kraig came for dinner for my birthday (I made yet another cake roll);

and we experienced this year’s final potluck, featuring an out-of-this-world sunset!

See what I did there?

While they visited, Kraig caught a fantastic SUNRISE and a huge northern!


Then, to wrap up this past whirlwind month, I headed to Evergreen, Colorado!

That’s a view taken from a hike to a glacier!  BEAUTIFUL!  I hiked there with my gal Sal, our buddy JoAnne and her hubby Joe.

Why Evergreen, you may or may not be asking.  ‘Cause Sal’s daughter Beth had a destination wedding there!  I was Sal’s “plus one”!  Here are Beth and Justin:

It was an INCREDIBLE wedding:)


I returned Saturday night to discover that it had finally rained (and rained, and rained) while I was gone.  Sunday morning we had a very hard rain accompanied by hail

There was bigger hail for a bit, but I chose to stay inside and not drown my i-pad or get pelted by ice.

Sandy and Eldon returned to TPC this year!  They had a wonderful time.  Sandy caught and released this 23″ walleye.  I think it looks bigger!

Eldon served as guide and therefore was rewarded with quality Gruper time;)

Bob released a 25″er as well.  He was fishing alone and had no camera, but if you knew Bob like we know Bob you’d believe him too!

We are at two cabins this week.  I’ve seen plenty of eater walleye and big, fat crappie so far in the buckets.

It’s time for a photo fest!  I’ll continue to share pics as I get through them.  I have some from you all on e-mail yet, as well as a couple of bigger folders, so be patient please!

Mitchell, Bob, Rob and Janelle were new to us a few weeks back.  They had a great time and caught plenty o’ fish!  They struck us as experienced anglers right off the bat, and we were correct.  ‘Twas Bob who caught the 42″ musky right in front of Camp!  Here are some of their trip’s highlights:

Bob and Mitchell found nice northerns!

Janelle found her fair share of fish, too!

Rob was in charge of boat operations, inuk-shuk creation and trying his darndest not to smile!

They group certainly enjoys themselves

and works as a team

They enjoyed a week of beautiful scenery as well:


Red “sun”day due to tons of smoke

Hang on a minute…what’s that along the shore???

I think it’s a moose.  Can we get a bit closer???

Cool!  Can we get even closer?

and just like that, where’s Waldo?

Perhaps this inspired Rob’s sudden animation?

Check out that smile!  Winner, winner

Take care!

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