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Anniversary Edition!!

Happy Week, All!

No, it’s not our anniversary; however, we had FOUR anniversaries in Camp last week!  It gets better:  the fewest years of marriage celebrated by any of these couples was 36–WOW!

Charley and Nancy were celebrating 36 years of marital bliss!  They brought their son-in-law Ryan along with them.  They have always said they knew Ryan would love this place and indeed he did.

Brian and Judy were celebrating 40 years together!  They have fished Wabaskang many times and had a perfectly lovely week.  They had a great time and seemed to especially enjoy smallmouth fishing.  They each released at least one smallie 18″ or greater (photos to be posted if they send me pics)!

Frank and Chris were celebrating 41 years of marriage.  They and their buddy Brent were not new to Wabaskang either.  Brent was not the best travelling companion, though.  He made the Conservation Awards page not once, but twice!  He released 26.5″ and 30″ walleyes during the week!  Incredible. He reported using a #7 suspending rapala in 8-12′ of water.  He said he caught pretty much any/all species on that lure.

All three of the anglers certainly had a good time.  Here’s a bit o’ evidence:

Frank & Chris Both 2
Frank & Chris Both 3
Frank & Chris Both
Frank Both

The last pic hints at a bit of last week’s weather.  It was pretty rainy all week and downright chilly until Friday.  Water temps dropped nearly 10 degrees (we’re around 58 now).  Fair weather anglers were not happy with the conditions.  Here’s a fairly typical view:

Cloudy day

An eagle on North Bay didn’t seem to mind:

North Bay Eagle 2
North Bay Eagle
northbay eagle

The swans seemed fine as well:


Friday brought some nicer weather.  The sun’s been shining a little more…at least off and on.  Today is WINDY but sunny.  Folks are milling about getting ready to brave the high seas.  I’ve heard rumor of a couple of nice fish releases thus far.

Speaking of which…John and Marie celebrated 45 years of marriage yesterday.  Marie decided to be outfished as a way of celebrating.  Her sister Beth released a 22″ walleye and John released a 24″er!  Marie and I both know that she will come behind in this race!

Every year I tell you that John makes beautiful things.  He did not disappoint this year.  check out this sleigh bell (a ball bearing gives it its “jingle”):

sleigh bell

I, too, make things.  Mine are not so beautiful though;)  Here are a couple of driveway signs:

keep right

It is time for me to get to work! I’ll share Brent, Chris and Frank’s lovely sunset pics from last week:

Late Sunset
Tall Pines Sunset

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