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As Winter Ends, A New Life Begins

Hi. I think it’s safe to go outside again! We actually had a day near 60 this week. I honestly laid on my deck and just soaked in sun. It felt marvelous.

We’ll do our last sports show this weekend–Eau Claire. Come visit if you’re in the neighborhood. We’ve had lots of visitors along the circuit and love the company! Eau Claire is a pretty good drive from our Iowa home–about 5 hrs.–so we’ll have to keep ourselves entertained along the way. Hopefully it will be our first show this season without horribly inclimate weather coming, going, or both.

Guess what we got last night???

That’s right: we got a Gavin Jem! Our oldest niece Jayme had him at 7:24 p.m. You might ask how I can be so specific…because Rebecca and I were there for everything! I even cut the cord!!! She was GREAT and he is perfect. Mackayla could not wait to meet her new cousin:

That brings the count to 4 great-nieces and 2 great-nephews. It’s weird when I can remember all of the nieces and nephews as babies…perhaps I’m aging too(?)

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