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Back in the Swing of Things!

Hi there!  I’m trying to steal a few minutes to get you all updated.  Last week was pretty darned good around here!  I posted a HUGE 42″ northern on the Conservation Page.  Karl (who is 6′, 8″) released a beauty!  He said he never dreamed he’d catch a fish more than half his height!  He and son Keith were new to us and seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Skip, Grant and William returned for their annual vacation.  Oh, yeah, they brought Bill and Steve along as well;)  Skip and the boys have grown as conservationists right before our eyes (our smiling eyes).  This year all three of them made the Conservation Page!  Get this:  William made the page FOUR TIMES, releasing a smallie, a perch, a northern and a very nice 27″ish walleye!  Grant released a nice smallie, and Skip released two smallies–one of which was very, very fat–and a northern.  Thanks guys!  You can see all of their releases on our website’s Conservation Awards Page ( included this pic of the insides of his northern’s mouth:

skips jaws

Gruper and I went fishing Tuesday!  I decided on my very special lucky shoes:


Gruper wore his usual fishing attire…

> We did quite well on 2nd Lake! My first two drops “netted” walleyes! I caught several–all probably around 13-14″–and a northern in our two hours. Gruper won biggest and variety. We didn’t keep count so it’s hard to say who won most. Here’s what we kept:

Look more closely at the northern. There’s a tail sticking out of its mouth. Here we go on extraction:

Absolutely disgusting! That’s, like, a 14″ sucker all skinned and made naked by the northern. ICK. Anyway, since Tuesday I’ve had broiled walleye, a perch omelet, and poor man’s lobster. Gruper’s had steak, a burger, and some other kind of red meat. Look who’s back!!!!

Yes! It’s Dora:) Oh, yeah, she brought John and Marie with her;) Apparently the piggies are where they left them…

You may recall that they brought me my initial rhubarb plants. They’re doing well this year, especially considering that we had ice on the lake and snow on the ground just over two weeks ago:

Do you see who’s beginning to wander around??? Anyway, I digress. John delivered me some horse poop for the rhubarb along with a limerick. His gifts are always unique. He redeemed himself (for bringing me poop) by sharing some of his rhubarb pie:

/ I retaliated with raspberry pie:


John brought a little something else:

It’s a beautiful iron rose. Its leaves match the hook and wine holder he’s made:

Beautiful. Thank you:) Guess who else is back???

Yes, it’s Bentley!!! Oh, yeah, he brought John, Nita and Rachel along too;) His mother continued to add to my yard art:

She’s so creative:) Thank you, Rachel. This week’s weather promises to be very nice. The lake warmed considerably last week…enough for David and Allan to go for a (very cool) dip!

Who knows…maybe we’ll get some swimmers this week as well.

I’ll close with a little shout-out to Sal. There’s plenty of this where I am…

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