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Birds and Ice

Yesterday morning there was a strange sight on the lake:  a group of three swans.

The rest of the day was busy, busy, busy.  Spring cleaning continues.  The crew thinks they’ll finish Thursday.  Rose has stayed with us all week.  The poor thing sleeps like the dead at night!  I’ve been feeding her well, though. 

This morning the ice had broken loose and was heading toward our shore.  I snapped a few photos.

It's moving as a unit toward our shore.

It was incredibly foggy toward the north...

but unbelievably clear toward the south:)

Those are mergansers that have been hanging out around the landing.

Flickers are nesting in a wood duck house (and golden eyes are nesting in a different wood duck house).

When Steve woke up around noon, the ice had come even closer to shore.

It's floating slightly north.

I was up getting Cabin 4 ready for the cleaning crew.  An old friend was right above the cabin.

Eldon, where are you? I've been waiting and waiting!

Look at its broad chest...probably from eating ducks...

I don’t know if eagles make those pellets like owls, but I found this below this one.

It looks like a wet pellet(?)

Well, enough goofing around for now.  Another sign that season is almost here:  the fuel truck pulled in today (OUCH). 

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