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Duties of the Camp Director

We have a guest who fondly refers to me as the Camp Director. Last week I think I honestly earned the title. We had a lot going on, and it was all good! Let’s start with a fishing report, though.

5th Lake was the place to be for guaranteed walleye. Folks were catching them elsewhere, but 5th Lake proved consistently productive. By week’s end folks were catching nice eaters, and we’d even had several 20+”ers released. Big northerns seemed to be the order for the week! I added Duane’s 42″er, Vicky’s 38″er, and Will’s 37″er to the Conservation Page of our website ( Duane and Will added a 13″ and 12.5″ perch, respectively, as well! Poor Will! All he wanted was a northern outside the slot (35.5″ or bigger). That seemed such a small request for such a nice guy! He kept getting close…here are two of his slot sized:



He even caught a musky


Finally he broke the spell! Good for him. His Uncle Duane had had a great two weeks; not many folks release a 41″ and 42″ in such a short time. Heck, he even caught a nice 37″ but no one was there to net it for him


Where was his faithful sidekick Will???


Yes, that’s right: picking blueberries with Andrea:) Will is a born gatherer!!!

I mentioned that Vicky released a beautiful northern as well. She and her crew were new to us and had a fantastic week! They got into some nice smallies



Folks were catching them right here at the falls using topwaters and along the west shore of this lake.

Her friend Mike was quite the northern slayer as well

ceranskis northern seed

This group was so complimentary of our camp! I believe we’ll see them again, and we’d love to! Vicky commented that they didn’t have a bad day:) I don’t think they’d have a bad day anywhere; attitude is a lovely thing.

If one of my camp activities was a puzzle solving bee, I know who’d be on my team


Will, Kaitlyn, Natalie and Emma solved the bear puzzle! It’s a bear, folks, and any of you is welcome to borrow it while visiting Camp. If you plan to do so, skip this solved photo:


I rewarded each team member with a t-shirt:) It honestly didn’t take them long either. Good job, brainiacs.

In between guided berry hunts, I hosted the first-ever Salted Silk Scarf workshop last Monday! It was very, very cool. We turned it into a wine and cheese event and had 10 attendees. Here are some pics





Here’s mine, all de-salted and ironed:


The class was so successful that we’re doing another one tomorrow:)

Of course, I continue to direct the two men around here. Cabin 1 is steadily becoming less


This round of Dixie’s photos reminds me of that “Behold the fisherman…” saying. He leaves in the morning…


fishes all day…


returns in the evening…


but instead of smelling of booze and telling great lies, Diane made them yummy dinner


The only question that remains is…


what do you think Randy is showing Diane???

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