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Fall in June…

Hi there.  It is soooo cold here!  I can’t recall having a mid-June with temperature highs in the mid-60’s.  Brrrrr.  Needless to say, sweatshirt sales are up;)  It’s been gray for a few days as well but tomorrow promises a bit o’ sun along with the cool temps.  My solar battery is fading fast.

Last week was another good one for us!  I added a nice 24″ walleye from Dongot to the Big Fish page.  It’s such a good pic I need to see it again:


Beautiful!  And the fish ain’t bad either;)  It is always a pleasure to have our Bartlett contingent in Camp!  They have been here all 14 of our seasons:)

Fishing reports were all over the board!  Crawlers and minnows both seemed to be doing the job.  Walleye depths were reported at 8-17′.  Mike’s group were “jig and a minnow” guys who did well out on 2nd.  Dongot’s group prefers crawlers and also did well.  Mark…well he was here for the perch (again) and took home his and Sandy’s limits!  I believe his criteria is nothing less than 10″.  He caught many within sight of Camp–which was good because the weather was quite crappy!  I had a couple of folks catching their walleye nearby as well, but I’ve promised to keep their secret safe.

I added a couple of smallies to the Big Fish list and will share photos upon arrival.  Skip and Co. have been sending pics from their trip two weeks ago.  Skip sure loves a good northern…


and a bass


His son William released a couple of piggies


Aaron released a HUGE bass and shared a couple of beautiful scenery shots:


Thanks, Guys!  See you again next year…same week, same cabins!

Last week’s potluck was another biggie.  I did a giant venison loaf and a lovely cherry cobbler thanks to Wayne and Shirley:


The biggest hit at potluck was the storm!  Holy buckets did it pour, blow and–a potluck first–hail!  Lucky for us it was a quick storm but it was sure nasty for a few minutes!

This week brings us a lot of newbies.  Eric and Laura are here for their 25th wedding anniversary!  Eric’s folks have figured things out pretty darned quickly!


Good job!  I heard something about Lindy rigs, and I know they’ve been getting minnows.  Hopefully they’ll continue to enjoy the cold weather;)

I’ve been sorting through My Guys’ pictures.  I think I’ll commit to a bonus blog entry yet this week.  Stay tuned!

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