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Fall’s Beauty

Welcome back!  This will most likely be my last entry for a while.  Once I’m settled in Iowa I’ll share some pics of the family, etc., but this is my last Camp blog entry until next spring.

Our work here is nearly finished!  We have painted and/or sealed all of the floors.  Gruper is antifreezing drains in sinks, toilets, washing machines and dishwashers.  I have emptied the outside office and organized “command central” (the large space under the Bear’s Den where EVERYTHING is stored).  Of course, the house remains open but I will begin winnowing down groceries, paperwork, etc., in the next day or so.  On one particularly calm morning Gruper was able to put the docks to bed for the season:


The quiet has brought Eldon around pretty much every single day.  S/he hangs out in the tree right above the house:


My girl Freya has once again become a night owl.  She prefers to be outside at night which is how she rolls in Iowa.  When we are busy up here she prefers to stay in the house and watch out the window.  Now that she’s out all night, this is what she does all day:


We have made a lot of time for fun!  We have fished quite a lot–twice in the last week.  I cannot believe how many small walleye we catch (9-12″).  We’ve been able to keep me in eaters as well, though.  I still get stripped quite a bit as we’re fishing a bit deeper, but I’m holding my own out there for numbers.  We’ve caught more perch the last two times out than we do in a season(?)  I’ve kept a couple along the way for breakfast.  Last week Gruper caught a big ‘ol whitefish and I had a grand time teasing him…until two days ago.  Yes, I caught a big ‘ol whitefish too!  I apologize for the lack of photos, but I HATE the punishment camera and am afraid to take the iPad near water.

I’m doing what I do every year at this time:  wondering if it will be my last outing for the year.  I try to absorb the beauty just in case the weather changes or we just plain run out of time.  This year has been unbelievably beautiful.

When we aren’t fishing Gruper may well be hunting for grouse.


I go along and enjoy the beauty of the areas he chooses.  I have certainly learned that he is a very good shot!  Most of you know that I’m not a hunter but I certainly enjoy the fruits of his labors.  We had friends over to celebrate the season’s end.  I was able to made surf and turf (crab slabs and grouse), a nice caprese salad, roasted cauliflower and, uh, this:


I photoed it prior to baking as I didn’t know if it would still be pretty;)  I hesitated to take some of the grouse for the meal, but my husband assured me he has plenty of time to get his limit.

While he hunted grouse yesterday, I used the iPad for a few pretty pictures.  We’ve been a bit windy for a few days so lots of leaves have fallen.  The cool thing here, though, is that so many of the trees never lose their leaves:)

This was my personal favorite:


Moose tracks are a bit unusual right now–they know people are looking for them.


If you follow us on facebook (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario) you’ve seen these incredible pics I took one perfect morning:

Again, I have a fave:


Neal and Marji were here about a month ago (my, how times flies).  It’s always nice to see them and they seem to have a genuinely good time.  Their fishing was pretty good this year.  Marji estimates returning at least 15 walleye greater than 18″, about 6 of which were greater than 20″.  Here she is with a nice 22″er:


She found some smaller fish as well…


She outfished Neal most of the days this year.  We all know what that means:  Neal was the guide!  Good job, Neal!


Marji likes moss.  It really does create some beautiful contrasts and combinations.  I hope Gruper goes back to a good grouse spot before I leave, ’cause I’ll take the iPad and get some moss shots for Marji:)  Here are some of hers:

Yes, I have a couple of favorites!

Our moon has looked like this recently as well:


I liked these rocky water pics:

She caught an eagle and some pesky pelicans…

She found some nice early fall scenery as well:

Love, love, love…


I liked this foggy mornin’ shot


and this pretty sunset


Probably my very favoritest shot is this one of Marji on a particularly cold, windy day.  She said she had on every single piece of clothing she could find!


I think that’s her;)

Well, that’s all folks!  Keep an eye on facebook for the occasional shot or info.  Watch for newsletters (mostly e-mailed) around Thanksgiving.  That reminds me, Canadian Thanksgiving is tomorrow (10/9)!  Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends!

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