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Frost(!), Fishing and Fotos

Happy October!  It has arrived with a bang here–frosts pretty much every night.  The fall colors are beautiful, however, and I’m trying to spend some quality time outside before it gets cold and ugly. 

Steve and I went fishing Wed. afternoon.  We had a ball!  We must have released 30+, 15-16″ walleye in about an hour!  They all looked like this:

It was a bit chilly but nothing I couldn’t handle.  We really did have a blast.  I’m not too thrilled with my footwear option–not a choice, a necessity:

a sure sign that it's time for me to head south!

Steve and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on Thursday!  Happy Anniversary, Buddy!

Let’s do some of Sandi’s photos.  I have a bunch of others yet–some still trapped on my now-defunct older camera.  I’ve got some of moose camp, feeding the eagles (not suitable for all audiences), and other random subjects on my new-and-getting-friendlier camera.  For this entry, though, we’ll look at Sandi’s.  She had a lot of nice ones; these are some of my favorites:

A sun-faded loon?

You can really see the colors in this one's neck.

That's its foot sticking up!

This is my favorite loon photo of hers.

We call one of our eagles Eldon after Sandi's husband.

You can imagine my delight with this reflection... phenomenal!

Here's Sandi's Eldon. Whatcha' got there, Eldon?

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