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Guest Blogger Time!

Happy September, All.  Andrea here.  We just finished a fairly quiet week with one cabin of used guests and one cabin of new guests!  Fall weather has begun and–just as most of the season has been–the temps are beautiful.  The mornings really smell like autumn and the colors are beginning to hit our driveway.

I’ve been able to begin closing a couple of cabins.  Gruper and Mark have pulled and winterized a few boats and motors.  We still have about three weeks of a half-full Camp on the horizon but little signs of winding down are appearing.  Mark has been pressure-washing the main dock and it looks like new!


We have Tom bear hunting this week–cross your fingers for him!  He has taken a few bears with us so is a seasoned professional:)  Bob and Ron are here for a couple of weeks as are Neal and Marji.  We have some nice newbies in Camp and they have been seen cleaning walleye–always a good thing!  We hear that the walleye are deeper now:  20-30′.  I loaded up George with some heavier jigs this morning, promising that he’d get the big one this week!

Chrissy and family returned a few weeks back.  She tied into a nice bass, and her husband Jim released a beautiful walleye.  I added these to our Big Fish page:


Nice!  Check out these two pics as well.  I think they’ll find their way to a sports show…


Beautiful, Chrissy!  Thanks for sharing and see you all next year!

Howard and Diane visited a couple of weeks ago.  Check out her big bass!


Hilarious!  She always enjoys the “local” scenery


and Howard enjoys napping while we pick berries;)


Diane is a converted dirty picker!  Her initial outing several years ago yielded lots of berries but also lots of leaves, debris, etc.  She is now an immaculate picker.  Another soul saved.  See, Jim, there is hope…

Speaking of Jim, it’s time to bring in our guest blogger…


Hi, it’s me Hanna again!  This will be my fourth blog for Tall Pines Camp, and I still hold the honor of being the only guest blogger ever!  The only difference is that this year I didn’t make the trip–I stayed home to keep an eye on Nick.  I think I know the drill well enough, though, to still do a good job:)

Jim and Mary enjoyed some good fishing:


Just kidding!  They did catch some eaters!


Mary loves nature.  She always find some good flowers and plants to shoot:

I’ll bet Andrea likes these flowers the best.  The first is an orchid-like flower down by the boat ramp:


This one looks like a mini-sunflower:


The waterlily shots were probably a hit, too:

Check out the reflection in this photo–incredible:


Mary also finds beauty in stuff people walk by every day…

or drive by every day.

Her keen sense of curiosity makes Mary wonder what lives here…


She tried to mess with Andrea with this “Where’s Waldo” shot:


Jim humored her while fishing long enough to let her get some good bird photos:

Andrea’s favorite will be this incredible shot of a blue heron:


She might even think that shot is contest-worthy…

Jim takes Mary berry-picking when evening comes


They had a cool mist one morning during their stay

I’ve been there enough to know what the sunsets are like!

Compare Andrea’s opening shot of the “fresh” docks to Mary’s shot a couple of weeks ago:

What a difference a little pressure-washing makes, eh?

Mary likes to capture reflections for Andrea ’cause she’s nice like that!


Andrea already made this one the Camp’s facebook background (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario).


So….last year when we got home from Canada, we took on a new roomie–Omar:


Since I had to stay home and watch Nick, Jim and Mary took Omar to Canada for his first birthday:


He’s not yet as savvy as I and has a lot to learn about the ways of the world.  He saw his first walleye:


and learned about the Canadian winds!


He discovered that even on vacation you have to work


but you also get to rest a bit when the work is done:


He thoroughly enjoyed himself.  I’m glad he got to go–it gave me a week of rest and relaxation!

Andrea will be back next week:)

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