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Happy Birthday to ME!

Greetings and welcome to my birthday week!  Sure, I still have to get some work done around here, but Gruper and I have fished a bit TWO DAYS IN A ROW!  We’re staying in 2nd Lake to maximize our time and we’re doing quite well!  Yesterday we fished for about two hours.  Gruper was ahead 3 walleye to 0.  Then I went on a rampage and was ahead 4 to 3.  We ended with him taking first, biggest, most (9:7 walleye) AND variety (on my birthday…).  His variety point was for this insanely fat 19″ smallie:


100% of my fish looked like this:


We ended up keeping three 16-17″ers:  one for the freezer, one for my dinner last night (honey walleye) and one for my dinner tonight (broiled walleye).


Today we caught more fish but much smaller (10-12″).  Gruper took first, I took biggest (15″ish), and we probably tied for most (lots).  Variety was also a tie as he caught a teeny, tiny bass and I caught two just-under-bartering-size northerns.  Both outings were a blast and long overdue:)  Both days 17′ seemed to be the magic number.  We were using minnows and fishing rock piles.  I started with a too-small jig head yesterday and finally switched to 1/8 oz.  Today I switched up again to a 1/4 oz.  Gruper used a 1/4 oz. pretty much all of the time (I must be more of a finesse anger).

I apologize for the crappy quality of the first two photos.  Having killed two very nice cameras with water (one salt, one rain), I am punishing myself by using the absolute cheapest digital camera I could purchase at Walmart.  It is awful.  For obvious reasons, I am reticent to take the i-pad on the boat.  I will use it for around-Camp photos and the crappy camera for on the lake photos.

This was found in a fish last Wednesday.  We had those who thought it was a fish, others who thought it was an eel, and still others who thought it was an eel poult or mud puppy.  It was gross whatever it was:


We had another Andrea in Camp last week!  Guess what….she has incredible taste in footwear!


She and Colton took, like, a gazillion pictures but I’ll share them in due time.  The recently-engaged couple had a great first-ever trip and are thinking about a pre-honeymoon in 2018!  We certainly hope to see them again.

Kraig and Jenny finished out their two weeks with good fishing and lots of socialization!  Our island friends were here as well, so it’s been a very “social” spell for us.  Jenny and I made two batches of ceviche during her stay (thanks to Bruce D. and Kraig for making the 2nd batch possible):

Jenny and ceviche

Check out this incredible beet salad Jenny created:


and we shared berry desserts (fresh raspberries and blueberries):


She and Kraig both released big fish this year!  Jenny had a 24.5″ walleye, and Kraig released both a big bass and a big northern.  Photos to come (I’m sure).

Wayne and LeaAnn were here a few weeks back.  They come for the perch (837) and the blueberries!


They get so many because they are obviously dirty pickers;)  I don’t think they keep any perch but they sure bag the berries!  They enjoy their time on the lake:


I sure hope Wayne’s not holding my pet in that picture!  Eek.  I liked this pic of a beaver hut:


But this photo of a bear in the wild (vs. the dump) is great!  It makes me think of Planet of the Apes:


Grant caught this fish down in the U.S.  He told his dad that they needed to throw it back:)  I guess he’s learned something along the way;)


Speaking of throwing back…this is funny!  Todd caught this beautiful 25″ walleye and his buddy Ken netted it for him from another boat!  That’s what friends are for!

Steve and Katie were here about a month ago.  It is always a pleasure to have them around.  Katie is a great kid and her dad’s a super nice guy.  They are pretty good anglers:

especially Steve:


They were all about the birds this trip…mergansers, eagles:

That last bunch is having a meeting of the minds, just like Katie and me!


Maybe we were discussing what to make in painting class?

or where she and her dad would fish (I LOVE this pic)?


They got a good pic of a bear!


Maybe when it was too foggy to go fishing one morning…


They certainly had some nice sunsets to enjoy, as has everyone this season!


See you guys next year…and hopefully Jake can come along;)

Aunt Phyllis only made it to be 98.5 when she passed last year.  Tomorrow would have been her 100th birthday!  Party hearty up there!

aunt phyllis
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