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Happy Day, Moms!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

We hope all you moms have gotten to do whatever makes you happy today!

Camplife is nearly ready to begin.  In less than a week we will have people all over the place here!  For my end, all the cabins have been spring-cleaned.  I will finish making up the beds and hanging curtains today.  I need to spend a good amount of time under the Bear’s Den getting organized for the season, but cabins come first.

For Gruper’s end, things are going pretty smoothly as well.  Ice was officially out by Monday.  Here’s a pic of the last bit of shoreline accumulation

shore ice

It looked like a big slushie toward the end!  We have had some windy days, but Friday brought us a glass lake first thing in the morning.  You all know what that means!


The docks are in place and ready for boats!  That bench looks like it’s ready for bodies as well!  Good thing Friday was so calm ’cause it’s been pretty windy ever since.

This week will find Gruper and Mark freshening boats and getting them ready for season.  Oh, that’s right:  Mark is returning this year!  He joined us around Week 3 last year, finished out the season, and indicated that he wouldn’t mind doing it again!  Life is easier when we don’t have to start out training someone.  Darlene will also be working around Camp part-time.  We are delighted to have her; she helps keep me in line.

I’ve not seen much wildlife yet but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.  Freya was right about some hinkiness around here.  We have a fox again this year

Here’s a great “where’s Waldo” grouse shot


Gruper has seen a moose and a bear already this year (I have not)!  The bear was a pretty good one:


Apparently I’ve been too busy to get to go critter watching;)  I have spent a bit of time in the kitchen of course.  We entertained Friday evening.  I tried to do a lot of fruit and veggie things, e.g., stuffed mushrooms and an OCD veggie tray:


The main plate was green beans almondine and Andalusian pork (the one with that olive, caper, tomato salad on top).  Those both turned out very well.  HOWEVER, I wowed myself with a recipe I’d seen on fb

cake roll

That bad boy is a fruit-filled angel food cake roll!  I topped it with more of the fruit as I served.  It was really, really good if I do say so myself, and I do.

With the too-nice temps we’ve been having, the sunsets have been gorgeous!


Here’s an early morning foggy narrows shot


My fave for this entry is an ice reflection from last week:


Spectacular!  See you next week!

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