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Happy Memorial Day

Hi there.  We hope you’re ending your weekend on a good note and that you’ve taken time to remember our veterans as well as those currently serving our country.  Without them we’d be in big trouble.

Our first week of Season 13 was good.  Big northerns were the fish to catch!  We saw at least six over 38″!  Teydon was a first-time guest–and a fun 8-year-old–who thoroughly enjoyed his trip!  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the 42″ northern he caught early in the week;)  You can see that photo as well as several others on our Conservation Awards page.  You’ll find a link on the bottom right-hand corner of our home page (  The best thing about Teydon’s big fish experience is this:

He was able to witness the proper technique for successfully releasing a fish.  Not all of Teydon’s catches were big, though.  He and his dad Roy both seemed to love simply fishing.

Nice batch o’ perch, eh???

Paul was back for the billionth time and brought a couple of newbies with him.  He had some very nice words for us, and I’ve posted them on our Facebook page (tall pines camp, ontario).  You can see Paul and his buddy Tony on the Conservation Awards page holding a variety of very nice northerns.  They hit the motherload!  I wonder if it had anything to do with this:

They also managed to get some beautiful photos.  As you know, I love seeing our world through the eyes of a newbie; it reminds me of how lucky Gruper and I are each and every day.

The weather last week was mostly hot and still.  We had a couple of brutal days for sunburns.  Water temps were already in the 60’s.  The rainbow above followed a nice rain.  We’ve since had plenty of rains and I’m ready for the sun to shine for a whole day!  Anyway, the water temp is down below 60 again which should be more normal than last week’s temp.  It’s good to be a duck the last few days:

Opening week wouldn’t be the same if Eldon and Sandra weren’t here (Happy Birthday, S).  They had a good week of fishing, and Sandra got to work on her tan as well:)  I like this peek-a-boo pic:

She’s checking out the contents of their live well.  Here’s what it held:

They had a bit of variety fishing throughout the week:

P.S. That’s Sandra’s fish that  Eldon’s holding.

They enjoy watching the geese from Cabin 4’s deck.  Here’s a nice pair:

but…where there’s smoke I hear there’s fire:

I’ve already seen a batch of babies.  I like to watch them as long as they’re not pooping all over our lawn!  Dirty birds!

Sandra and I like to go ‘sploring.  This year I took her to see pink mountains:

She went back to visit that den we are so intrigued by:

Truly fascinating (to me, at least).

She and I saw this very cool nest(?)

Maybe this is Eldon the Eagle?

The evening sun was setting like a red rubber ball:

Look at these night photos taken with her new camera:


Thanks for tuning in.  Please do check out the big fish and Paul’s kind words.  Have a great week!

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