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Happy Mother’s Day

to all you mothers out there!  I don’t have a lot to say but thought I’d better do an entry or bear the wrath of some frequent readers.

Max has survived his first week with us.  He and Steve have been busy all week.   They’ve waited patiently for the ice to clear this week.  It was 100% off our part of the lake yesterday.  Now they can wait for a just-right day and put the docks into place and begin getting boats ready.  Here’s a look at the ice’s progress:

This was Tuesday-ish. Of course the reflections caught my eye.

It was still more solid (not hard, but whole) in the distance.

Here’s a sunset where you can see the ice still in the distance:

By the way, that snow that began while I did last week’s entry…did stick.  Here’s how things looked the evening of May 1:

MAY 1!!!!!!!

 Despite the snow, there are signs of spring’s arrival:

John and Sonny--taste treats ahead!

While the guys busy themselves around Camp, I’ve been spring-cleaning cabins.  It is hard work!  I dropped a box springs on my big toe yesterday (I called the box spring a lot of not-nice names):

Steve has a multi-colored bruise on his forearm and can’t figure out how/where he got it.  It looks like one that you’d remember!  Neither of us is complaining much, though, ’cause our other family member has bigger problems.  Stinky LaRue has a dislocated hip!  She was fine Friday morning but had a hitch in her giddyup by Friday evening.  She is not in pain, just inconvenienced.  She lets me move it all over and asks me to give her a lift after she’s walked a while.  We still play–just more carefully.  We’ll visit the doctor in Dryden on Tues. and get it put back.  I can’t imagine how she did it(?) 

Well, I want to watch the President’s interview on 60 Minutes.  I’m very excited about this week’s events. 

I do need to do a sad shout-out to my friend Rose.  We were expecting Rose to visit last Sunday.  I had made up her bed and was ready to have a drink with her.  However, Rose died Saturday evening.  We got word Sunday after I’d done our entry.  It was very sad.  We met Rose three years ago and became fast friends!  Mike Quigley, who worked for us at that time, fondly referred to her as “Mrs. Magoo.”  That was very fitting, and even Rose would agree.  We’ll miss her a bunch.  She enjoyed tall Luckys, country music, and keeping her hands busy.  She was my first true, full-on Canadian friend.  She’d call during the off-season just to say “hey.”  Steve will very much miss what I called “heart attack chicken,” a dish she delighted in preparing for him.  Rest easy, Rose:)

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