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Happy Sunday to You

Good grief! I loaded my pictures this morning then wandered off and almost forgot to do an entry…and it’s Sunday. I’m sure I would have heard about it from someone. Anyway, welcome back.

Tough times, they are upon us. Mayflies, no wind and continued volatile weather all combined to make for a tough week of fishing. Most folks made the best of the situation and fished hard, relaxed a bit, and fished some more. Bill had been here before and returned with his father-in-law Owen. Owen had never fished Wabaskang before. His first cast ever and he landed a PIG of a smallie! I posted it on facebook (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario) and will of course add it to our Conservation Page ( Good for you, Owen. The only problem with starting off like that is trying to replicate.

Jack and his son Andrew were here as well. Jack didn’t catch a smallie until his last day; however, they did catch some perch, northerns and walleye during the week. He said the Wacky Worm Power Bait was effective for northerns and perch. They fished weed edges also. The walleye they found were between 8.5-13′ deep. We figured shallower because of mayflies, but who knows what goes on in a walleye’s head?

Tom and Carol brought their grandsons for the first visit. Andrew caught a nice smallie, Ben caught a good northern, and they both found some berries:


I’ve been doing guided hunts since last week. It’s grueling work. I’ve begun wearing camouflage so we can sneak up on them:


Here’s a grouse who thought he was camouflaged…


Tom, Carol and the boys had something I’d never heard before: a loon came very close to their boat and begged! The boys had a blast giving it dead minnows


Speaking of loons, this seems like a good time to show you a phenomenal picture from Don and Carma who were here a few weeks ago:

Carma's baby

That one will definitely be enlarged for sports shows!

Russ in Cabin 3 has fished Wabaskang many times. He released both a 26″ and a 22″ walleye during the week! Good job, Russ! He promises to send a pic of the 26″ for our Conservation page.

Steve and Suzie were here a few weeks back for their first visit. Steve makes good wine and picks out good melons–both interesting things to learn about a person in a week. Apparently he also knows something about smallies


or maybe it’s Suzie who knows


Who knows?

They caught an eagle up high and a really nice piece of scenery


This seems like a really good time to share Marie’s rock picture from this spring. It is also a cool piece of scenery:


What’s been happening around Camp? Well, we finally got a toilet with a view


Just kidding of course. We’ve begun officially dismantling Cabin 1. Here’s where the porch and bathroom were:


and this was the living area


Here’s Murray working like a crazy man


and Gruper running the broom


I’ve made it through some more of Dixie’s pictures. Here are a few views of Perrault Falls. Some of you don’t realize it, but you drive right over it on your way to Camp:




Here’s the view you’re probably most familiar with


A familiar sight on 105


A very familiar sight on the Lake and along the roads this year


Some familiar sights around Camp




This was a familiar sight around Camp, but it left Thursday and I miss it


You get mighty used to something after 33 days, Lee and Cindy;)

Let’s close with a couple of Dixie’s sunsets. Don’t despair, though, I still have a bunch of her pics to share!


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