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Here We Go Again!

Greetings and Happy Sunday!

We are cold and gray today:( We had a nice, mild week with lots of happy campers. Walleye were ON. The guys in Cabin 3 reported catching 150+ walleye a couple of different days. That’s good fishing. We saw another laker (26″) and several nice slot northerns. Ed came all the way from Washington D.C. and seemed to thoroughly enjoy himself! He shared a couple of nice pics with us:

Eds laker

I added a couple of nice walleyes to our Conservation Awards page–one from John Vanada and the other from his lovely bride Marie! Here are a couple of other nice fish Marie released this week:


John caught a lunker as well:


Dora was up to her old tricks–northern licking!


which apparently makes her cold and tired…


Marie was up to her usual tricks as well…catching nature at its best!

These lichens are awesome!

This columbine seems early up here:

She found a turtle…who also looks cold!


When I’m cold I enjoy salad and delicious WALLEYE CHOWDER (thanks, guys!):


I have some photos from Moose and Buzzy to share, so maybe I’ll get around to another entry this week. Cross your fingers!

I’ll close with a shout-out to our oldest nephew Danny who turned a year older today! Here’s a shot from Easter with his all-female family;) We love you!

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