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I can’t believe

it’s already Wednesday!  Time is flying around here.  By Sunday of this week it was already apparent that fishing would be better than last week.  Between mayflies and hot, windless, cloudless days last week, walleye fishing was TOUGH.  Temps were near 90 a couple of the days and the skies were bright blue.  We had some overly-sunned guests by week’s end.  The mayflies were thick on some portions of the lake; we didn’t have a blanket of them here but there were plenty.

Chase and Cindy were newbies who added two smallies and a perch to our Conservation Awards list–the perch story was great and Chad’s probably still in trouble.  They fished hard all week!  We met them at a show and were warned that Chase is a fishing machine–that he is!  Tony and his dad Jack brought Linda along this year.  They prefer to fish for northern and were not disappointed!  They also fish pretty hard and had a blast–landing one of each species on our Conservation Awards page!  Here are some “bonus” photos from them:

Tony not only released a 24″ walleye for the Awards page, here’s a nice 22″:

I’m going to guess Linda caught this one:


Here’s a northern stringer


and a pair of piggies!


Speaking of pairs, I called this pic “Synchronized Swimmers”


Here’s another pair


This family enjoys fishing and spending time together! Here’s Tony and Linda,


and Jack and Linda (that Linda really gets around!),


but if you want to see Tony and Jack you’ll have to look at their big northern pic on our Conservation Awards Page (!

Here are some good scenery shots from around the lake:




Our goose families haven’t invited friends yet, so they can stay. This family appears to have a nanny(?)


Last week was another good one for sunsets–in fact, this season has not disappointed! Here are a few from the Jacobs point of view:





Seester Rebecca and our nephew Jesse have been here for three weeks today! It’s been a nice visit. Jesse had never been here before and will head back to the States with Rebecca on Sunday. He purchased a new camera for the trip and has been giving it a workout! Here are some of his photos:






My beloved lupines,


our nesting golden eye (using a wood duck house),

sitting duck

sitting duck2

two great sunsets,

Nice sun and dock

Good sunset

and a super reflection from NW Minnesota:

MN reflection

Until next time…

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