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I know, it’s Monday…

Eek.  I just ran out of time last night and decided to wait until today for a new entry.  Forgive me:)

Last week was good.  We weren’t a very busy Camp but we were a good group.  I added one new photo to the Conservation Awards page of our website (  Young Derek released a nice, 37″ northern.  Their group also had some nice wildlife photos that I’ll share in a minute.

Bob and Pat began their two-week stay in fine fashion.  They never have problems finding fish.  I know they brought in a couple of nice walleye from Keynote.  They are trollers and have had fun exploring new spots this year.  I guess that happens when you’ve been here so many times–you get a bit more adventuresome.

Andy, Becky (not me and my sister, but a couple new to Camp) brought their grandson Noah.  They had fun fishing.  Becky picked berries with me one day while Gruper fished with the guys.  They left with words of praise and a promise to return.

Ron G. and company returned this year.  They had fine fishing and we visited the dump again.  We also took a moose drive, to no avail.  We did see a pack of wolves, though.  Creepy. 

Wayne and Shirley are back for their second trip this year.  They brought in some big, fat smallies one day, and I’ve seen a variety of other species from them.  They always seem to do fine.

Weather’s been everywhere from mild to warm.  We were near 90 yesterday.  We’ve had a bit of rain but could still use a lot more.  There was a huge storm in Ear Falls today.  I got hailed on and at some times could not see the road.  When I returned to Camp, we hadn’t received anything!  We’ll continue dancing.

This week’s Camp is nearly full!  We have people everywhere.  Almost everyone is a repeat offender.  Any new folks are here with old folks.  We like that–our existing guests growing our herd!  Anyway, Max is a fish-cleaning fool this week!

Gruper’s begun bear baiting.  I had some photos for you, but my computer lost them and I had deleted them from his trail cam cards already:(  I had a good wolf, a good moose and a good bear.  Bummer.  I’ll learn not to delete them until I’ve seen them in my folders.  Anyway, Gruper was also face-to-face with a real live wolf this morning.  I guess we’ll have to load him up with hornet spray or something(?) 

OK.  Let’s get on with some photos from last week.  I think we pretty much caught up with what I’d received.  I know this week’s group has promised me a good photo of a swimming bear–stay tuned for that…probably next week. 

Greg, Derek, Troy and Ron saw these deer last week:

Of course I loved this photo:

These guys like big northern.  Besides Derek’s 37, they caught a couple in the slot. 

They enjoyed the eagle show on the lake.  We’ve had a lot of activity in the past few weeks.

Well, time to get to work.  I’ll close with a couple of sunsets from my camera:

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