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It Happens Sooooo Fast…

Hey there!  It seems like we were just arriving for our 14th season and here it is down to the last couple of weeks already!  Time truly flies when you live in six-month increments.  Until today our weather has been gorgeous all week.  Today feels more fall-like:  it’s quite cool, overcast and a bit damp.  We continue to wish for rain; the lake is about as low as we’ve ever seen.

The best thing about this week has been the fishing!  Gruper and I went out last Sunday due to a planned power outage.  Gruper caught first, and then it was all ME!  I caught a nice number of walleye, the biggest of which was 18.5″ and beautiful!  She is back in the lake but we did keep a couple of eaters for me (so he could have cow).  Nemar is back for their annual two weeks, and they are back with a vengeance!  Marji has released many, many walleye over 18″ and, well, Neal has been a good guide;)  Bob and Bob hooked up for fishing due to unfortunate circumstances, and Bob released this beautiful 24″ walleye a couple of days ago:


Josh was here last week and released this nice ‘eye:


His buddy Brandon scored a nice piggy perch as well!


I have been baking up a storm this week–and giving it away to avoid consumption (not the disease, the act of taking in).  I’ve always wanted to try a slab pie…here’s a peach/raspberry creation:


I also did the best recipe of a peach/blueberry cobbler/crumble type thing and a funky apple bread with icing (it acted more like bread pudding).  All items received rave reviews!  I’ve got to back off the baking for now, though, as it’s hard to not dig in.

Nearly all boats are pulled and serviced, save for about six.  I’ve closed up four cabins and will do a couple more in the coming week.  Mark will be with us for another week and is staining, etc.

We first met Colton and Andrea at a sports show:)  At that time they were just another nice couple of kids looking for an adventure.  They came to visit a few weeks ago with big news!


Yup!  They are officially engaged:)  We loved their “save the date” tackle box!  I love Andrea’s taste in footwear:


and Colton’s willingness to pitch in!


Looks like he does a good job with the cooking!


and the guiding


Andrea must be the “catcher”

even if they’re not all keepers…


OK…in all fairness Colton released this HUGE bass


and caught plenty of keepers as well;)

Someone was also a trapper!


They could have used Miss Freya up there for a week (she occasionally leaves me a little love)!


As always, I enjoy seeing our slice of Heaven through new guests’ eyes.  Andrea started on the way up:

She had taken many pictures around Camp.  I liked her looks at the lake:

Out on the lake she found loons,


duck butts (for my seester, who LOVES duck butts),


and great eagle shots

including two in a tree (look closely)


and a great one of an eagle at the water’s edge!


She saw a different kind of bird taking flight as well.

This shot shows how quiet our falls are right now due to lack of rain…


and this shot captured the lake on a winnnndy day!


I enjoyed these scenery shots (p.s. to my guys:  I think Big Nose and Pygmy Headhunter are the same…)


Check out this postage stamp reflection…I just loved it!


Andrea and/or Colton took a lot of nice sun and moon pictures!  Check out this pink series:

and these:

The moon…

and a perfect sunset!


Thanks so much, you two, for a great week!  You guys caught on so fast and fit right in with our great guests!  The best part is getting to see you up here again before you’re married!  Thanks for re-booking!

Now listen:  I’m about out o’ fodder.  Marji usually has a bit for me and I’ll try to take some nice fall photos with my punishment camera, but please understand that we are winding down for quality blog entries:)  I do promise to touch base at least once more before heading home.

Take care.

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