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It Rained Pigs Last Week!

Hi there and welcome back.  First up:  an eclipse report.  Nada.  We were cloudy and drizzly all day, ergo no glimpse of the eclipse.  We need the rain in the worst way, though, so I’ll not complain too much.

It was crazy ’round here last week!  Holy buckets did we have some bodies running around!!!  Between guests and friends, I counted 47 forks after potluck!  Wowzer.  Needless to say, Gruper and Andrea are enjoying a more “normal” week.

I wish I could tell you how many walleye over 18″ were released last week.  The fish had transitioned to 15′ and deeper, and our folks were finding them in lots of places.  “South Bay” was just one of many places producing big pigs.  I’ll share a few pics here that I’ve put on the Big Fish page.  I’ll try to catch up in the next day or so (blueberry guiding is devouring my work time;))  Warren released a 23 and a 25!

Joel released a beautiful “24.5”:


Chuck released a 25″


Early (do you not LOVE that name???) released a 19″ smallie


I have several more that I could post.  It was a really, really good week!

Kraig dropped by to shoot a bear…ho hum;)  Yes, opening day, still daylight, old hat:)  That’s what Gruper likes about Kraig’s hunt!  It’s another nice one and has a bit of white on his chest.  Good job, Kraig!  He actually got to just fish for a week and a half!


Let’s share some photos!  Chris and Finn were here waaaaaay back in early June for their first visit!  They had such a good time that they plan to return in 2018!  Finn’s the kind of kid who enjoys pretty much everything, including a snack on the boat:


He “caught” on to fishing pretty quickly!

Dad caught a huge bass:


and Miss Clio, well, she’s just huge!


See you in the spring, Finn!


Next up, Scott and Luke!  Actually, they were three generations with Wally:

Ulbricht Boat 7.29.17

Wally nailed a nice bass!


Luke had nice variety fishing!

and he and Caleb had a good time together


Caleb’s the poor kid whose first-ever walleye was a 25″er!  Perhaps it’s one that was caught and released this week???  That, my friends, is the beauty of catch and release:)

Caleb-25 in walleyecomp

Here’s a nice shot of Scott, Luke, Wally, Caleb and the other nine members of their group!  Maybe we’ll see them again…


Brett and Karen returned for their umpteenth visit and we’re delighted!  Those darned kids of theirs are getting so busy with extracurriculars that they almost didn’t make it this year!  However, our schedules were able to sync and we enjoyed a nice visit.  Tricia is becoming quite the angler:


If pressed, though, I think she’s cite duck feeding as her favorite Canadian activity;)


Trent continues to LOVE fishing!

This picture may make its way to the sports shows…


or perhaps this one will…


Love it!

Karen’s duties include snack patrol, bait handling and maybe some fishing in between(?)


She also gets some great pics!


Brett tries to spend some one-on-one time with each of his kiddos and seems to fully enjoy this week of family harmony!

Just like I’ve now come to understand the importance of catch and release, this family has taught me a bit about tradition.  Here they are for the first visit and for their most recent visit:

I now understand the annual photo!  Thank you:)  I can’t wait to see next year’s picture!

Blog fodder continues to arrive, so I’ll keep blogging:)  Next up:  LeaAnn and Steve and Katie!

Until next time…

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