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June Fishing

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Week 3 at Tall Pines Camp in a nutshell; guests reported some success in Keynote and in the first lake. Groups were bringing in a mixed bag this week- Lots of crappie were caught too. (We gave our Saturday arrivals all the details on current patterns and specific techniques that are working) The kids were on fire this week:

Finn holding this fun stringer, and it must have weighed a ton !

And look at that 12 inch jumbo perch above caught by William!

Above Jayden’s 38″ fat Northern!

And this 13″ perch made Skip’s day!

walleye and baked potato anyone?

The Streu Crew does shorelunch every day while at Tall Pines. They have been doing this for years and have a system on how to do it right.

The Streu Crew has been doing Shorelunch every day of their stay for as many years as they’ve been coming. They have a system down- Troy was able to get a picture of a bald eagle up close and personal from Doe Island where they made lunch- go to the Instagram page to see a picture of it!

Speaking of Instagram, check out the pic of Tony’s 40.5 Northern (from week 1) as a correction from week 1- I had posted the wrong pic. This is it guys- no cheating- he won fair and square on your big northern contest

Some pics from week 2 came in:

Gary (above) caught a 5 lb smallie

Eric was just one walleye short of tying (June, above) his mom’s count of 23! Great stringer of eaters below:

And our first footage sent of moose spotting:

Ryan captured this sunset picture from our cabin:

This was a monumental week as I finally got to join Ryan at camp. Many didn’t realize that I was putting out “fodder” while working remotely from the states. I finished teaching and immediately headed North. It’s been a long seven weeks, and I can finally be immersed in this way of life now too. Our campers even moved potluck back a night to welcome me.

Our new island friends captured this pic of our re-uniting and finally experiencing a sunset together.

We were taken care of as Jennifer made some amazing meatballs for potluck with all our guests providing delicious sides. We were able to celebrate John and Marie’s 48th wedding anniversary, and the guests congratulated us on being crazy enough to buy this place 🙂 Thank you to all of this week’s guests for being generous with tipping our staff, welcoming of Bridget, heckling the heck out of Ryan, and the delicious meals you made for us. The reciprocity of hospitality of this group was humbling.

While week 3 is a wrap, we welcome our next round of avid-fishermen. Camp is completely booked, so it should prove to be fun and interesting. (you may want to say a little prayer for us)

As I said good-byes to friends and family over the last week, I am humbled and grateful for all the support. It is emotional ending one chapter and starting another. And thanks to all who sent pics this week- keep ’em coming!

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