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Just A Quickie

It is Sunday after all! I’ve been off schedule for so long that I thought I’d try to get back on the right track. I put out an all-call on Facebook for fresh tomatoes and sweet corn a few days ago. Thanks for the response! Gruper had a BLT last night and we both had wonderful sweet corn! We’ve also received cucumbers, broccoli, green beans, peppers and squash! Wow!

I can’t remember if I showed this picture here or just on Facebook. Meet our newest great-niece Emma Kay, born August 6 (her Grandpa Dan’s birthday). She is the second daughter of our oldest nephew Danny and his wife Vanessa and has a 3-year-old “big” sister Mya.


I mentioned that Gruper had a BLT last night. Why didn’t I, you ask. Because I had walleye! Yes, we went fishing on Thursday! We joined our island friends (you might remember that their Emma released a 30″ walleye earlier last week). Here they are:


A chose a new jig color for the day:


We ended up doing just fine! I caught the first, Gruper caught the biggest (a nice 19″er, promptly released of course), and we tied for most and variety (one northern each) besides our walleyes. I kept two 16″ walleye for eating. Here’s Gruper with a nice 30″ northern:


I had a perfect 26″ northern and hinted that they are perfect for ceviche, poor man’s lobster or northern cakes. Gruper HATES slimy northerns and doesn’t even care to have them in the net, let alone the boat. A good husband would have kept and cleaned his wife’s perfect fish…

Berry picking continues with abandon. I guided three days last week. Our guests from Colorado were happy with the hunt and proceeded to find many wonderful mushrooms for a meal. They assured me they know what they are doing when it comes to mushrooms. I worry because there is a fine line between delicacy and violent nausea followed by coma when it comes to mushrooms! I took Tom and Carol picking Wed. morning. We enjoyed a good pick. There were beautiful red raspberries surrounding me. Of course, one of Gruper’s favorite desserts is raspberry pie. I HATE picking them, though, as they are thorny, fragile, and just plain harder to pick than blueberries. A good wife would have picked raspberries to make her husband a pie.

I’ll add two of Jim’s three big fish to the Conservation Awards page today or tomorrow. It was his first trip and he managed to get his name on the list for bass, perch and walleye! We had another 25″ walleye (Bruce) as well. There were several prime walleye caught and released (19-23″). Those are the best spawners and help to keep the lake populated. Thank you to everyone who gets that.

I’ll have some photos from Katrina and Chad in the next couple of days. I hope to have bear hunting updates as well! All four guys are ready and waiting:)

Allow me to close with a couple of photos that pretty much say it all;)


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